NBA Futures

NBA basketball futures can be a good way to get involved in pro basketball betting. How do you go about making an NBA futures bet? Let’s take a look at making NBA odds wagers at BetPhoenix Sportsbook.

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NBA futures sometimes will remain up at the sportsbook all season. Before the season every NBA team has odds on winning the title. The numbers are adjusted as teams win or lose and those numbers are available even as the NBA playoffs begin. Once the season ends the sportsbook will list odds on the remaining playoff teams.

When you are making an NBA basketball betting futures wager you really are hoping to get double-digit odds. It is hard to have money tied up for months if you are not getting a decent return. You can bet the Heat at even money but how exciting is that? Most people would prefer to take a team at double-digit odds. The problem with that strategy is that normally a team like the Heat or Lakers wins the title.

Another type of NBA futures choice is to take a team over or under their projected win total for the year. Those bets have to be made before the start of the regular season. Some sportsbooks offer the season win total bets and they can be interesting because they keep you in action all season long.

A couple of other types of pro basketball futures options relate to specific players. Some sportsbooks will put up odds on who will win the league MVP or who will lead the league in scoring. Those types of NBA future bets also keep you in action all season long.

Bet on NBA Odds

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