NBA Prop Bets

One of the many great options in sports betting at BetPhoenix is NBA basketball prop bets. Let’s take a look at what prop bets are and how to bet them.

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What is a Prop Bet?

A prop bet is something that goes beyond the normal side and total. It might be something as simple as the first team to score in a game or it might be a matchup where one player is up against another in terms of points or rebounds. Let’s look at some examples of NBA basketball prop bets you are likely to see at the sportsbook.

Team to Score First

This is a simple NBA prop where you are picking which team you think will get the fist point and you are likely getting the normal -110 or -120 on this wager.

Team to Score the First 10 Points

This is another of the props as you are betting on which team you think will get to 10 points first. You have a similar NBA basketball prop on which team gets to 20 and 30 first. When a team is favored you can expect to see their money line go up on these wagers. For example, a team like Miami might be laying -125 or -130 against a team like Boston.

Team Leading After the 1st Quarter to Win

One of the popular NBA basketball props bets you oftentimes will see is whether or not the team leading after the first quarter will win. The Yes is usually -200 or so with the No at +150 or so.

Total Points Props

This is simply a prop on the points scored for each individual team in the game. You might have a team like Miami listed at 98 and in a game against Boston the Celtics number might be 93.

These are just a few examples of props you can wager on throughout the season at BetPhoenix. To get started at BetPhoenix visit the signup page today and get a bonus on your first deposit.

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