Week 17 NFL Betting Cheat Sheet

Week 17 NFL Betting Cheat Sheet

Well, it’s finally here; it’s the end of the NFL regular season and then onward to the playoffs. By this time most teams have already secured their spot in the postseason, but even so there’s still alot of money to be made if you can find the right bet.

Use my Week 17 NFL betting cheat sheet to maximize your betting profits this week.

Week 17 NFL Betting Cheat Sheet

  • What: Chicago Bears vs Minnesota Vikings
  • Spread: Vikings -5.5
  • Game Total: 41

Analysis: The Bears hit a snag in their last game against the Redskins which ended up with quarterback Matt Barkley throwing five interceptions. Meanwhile, the Vikings were demolished by Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. There’s no clear choice but the Vikes are playing at home and this might turn the tables at least for one more victory at home.

Pick: Vikings -5.5

  • What: Houston Texans vs Tennessee Titans
  • Spread: Titans -3
  • Game Total: 40

Analysis: Houston finished atop the AFC South after defeating the Bengals last Saturday. Though quarterback Tom Savage has yet to prove his salt in filling in Brock Osweiller’s shoes, he’ll have a chance to season himself out in facing the Titans. Tennessee dropped the ball in losing to the Jaguars which also lost them the division. They also lost Marcus Mariota to a broken leg which could mean they stand to lose this game as well if Matt Cassel is not up to snuff.

Pick: Texans +3 for the upset.

  • What: Carolina Panthers vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Spread: Buccaneers -6
  • Game Total: 46.5

Analysis: Cam Newton and the Panthers are done for the season which by all means the franchise will probably want to forget. The Panthers were picked apart by the Falcons and held Newton to only 198 passing yards. Meanwhile, the Buccaneers are in dire straights after losing to the Saints. In theory they’re still in the run but their playoffs fate is out of their hands.

Pick: The Buccaneers still have a shot and they’ll want to keep in form by handing the Panthers with another loss. Tampa Bay -6.

  • What: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Indianapolis Colts
  • Spread: Colts -4.5
  • Game Total: 47.5

Analysis: The Jaguars will likely want to close out this season on a high note. However, it’s unlikely Andrew Luck will allow himself a second straight loss. At least, that’s not what the record says; Indianapolis hasn’t lost two consecutive games since the first two weeks of this season and they’re playing very differently by now.

Pick: Colts -4.5.

  • What: Baltimore Ravens vs Cincinnati Bengals
  • Spread: Bengals -2.5
  • Game Total: 41

Analysis: The Bengals blew it after allowing the Steelers the come from behind win. However, Baltimore will come out playing with a huge chip on their shoulders wanting one final win before packing their bags and heading back home.

Pick: Ravens win.

  • What: Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets
  • Spread: Bills -3.5
  • Game Total: 42.5

Analysis: There’s nothing worse I could add to the Jets’ season. Having been humiliated by the Patriots 41-3 says enough. And they now face the Bills that will have no mercy in beating them bad.

Pick: Bills win.

  • What: New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins
  • Spread: Patriots -10
  • Game Total: 44.5

Analysis: There won’t be too much competition for the Pats in this game, especially considering New England already secured a first round bye. However, they still need the No.1 seed and that means defeating the Dolphins which New England will summarily do. Though it’s unknown if Bill Belichick will sit out his star players, which gives Miami a great shot at moving up to the No. 5 seed (that is if the Chiefs also lose), I believe the Patriots will win.

Pick: New England Patriots -10.

  • What: Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Spread: Steelers -6
  • Game Total: 44

Analysis: Well Ho, Ho, Ho and Merry Christmas to the Browns for having their first win of the season. However, it was their last as they’re unlikely to beat the Steelers. Even if Pittsburgh has already sealed the AFC North which might mean they’ll have their third-stringers playing this game, I’m looking at a Steelers win.

Pick: Pittsburgh wins but the Browns cover at +7.

  • What: New York Giants vs Washington Redskins
  • Spread: Redskins -8
  • Game Total: 44

Analysis: The Giants somehow made it to the playoffs with Lady Luck on their side. However, Ben McAdoo will likely want to give his players some rest to prevent injuries in anticipation of the playoffs. This gives the Redskins a shot of winning this game and moving into the playoffs themselves.

Pick: Washington Redskins -7.5.

  • What: New Orleans Saints vs Atlanta Falcons
  • Spread: Falcons -6.5
  • Game Total: 56

Analysis: The Falcons are already in the playoffs as the NFC South winners. However, they face a tough Saints team that although already out of playoff contention will want to end the season with a win.

Pick: Falcons win but Drew Brees keeps the Saints close enough to cover. Saints +6.5

  • What: Seattle Seahawks vs San Francisco 49ers
  • Spread: Seahawks -9.5
  • Game Total: 43

Analysis: In losing to the Cardinals, the Seahawks also lost a first-round bye. They also lost Thomas Rawls and Tyler Lockett in that game to injury which just threw a wrench in whatever plans they had. Regardless, against the hapless 49ers, Seattle shouldn’t have much problems in winning.

Pick: Seahawks -9.5

  • What: Kansas City Chiefs vs San Diego Chargers
  • Spread: Chiefs -5.5
  • Game Total: 45

Analysis: The Chargers’ loss to the Browns means Mike McCoy’s job. I mean, come on, really, the Browns? The Chiefs however are still in the hunt for the AFC West title and will come out looking for blood.

Pick: Chiefs -4.5

  • What: Arizona Cardinals vs Los Angeles Rams
  • Spread: Cardinals -6
  • Game Total: 41

Analysis: The Rams don’t have anything going for them on offense even against a team like San Francisco which kept them to 177 yards in total. Though the Cardinals are also out of the playoffs race, they’re still a better team.

Pick: Cardinals -6.5

  • What: Oakland Raiders vs Denver Broncos
  • Spread: EV
  • Game Total: 40.5

Analysis: Losing Derek Carr is a huge blow for the Raiders. However, they can still face Denver and come out victorious if they get their ground game going. Oakland stuck the Colts with 210 rushing yards while Denver gave up 238 rushing yards to the Chiefs. All this tells me the Raiders stand to run over Denver in this game.

Pick: Raiders win.

  • What: Green Bay Packers vs Detroit Lions
  • Spread: Packers -3.5
  • Game Total: 48

Analysis: Dak Prescott took apart the Lions defense on Monday Night Football. It will be easier in facing Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay offense. Rodgers has thrown 11 touchdowns with zero interceptions over his last five games and it doesn’t seem like he can be stopped any time soon.

Pick: Packers win.

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