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Golf betting for many people involves only The Masters, U.S. Open, PGA and British Open but there are actually tournaments taking place nearly every month of the year that gamblers can wager on. Let’s take a look at golf betting at BetPhoenix.

There are two main options in golf betting at the sportsbook. You can bet on who you think will win the tournament or you can bet golf matchups. There may also be additional golf props on players to win majors, etc.


The four majors in golf betting get more action than the other weekly tournaments. The Masters is probably the most bet golf tournament of the year but the other three majors also get a lot of action. And all four of the major tournaments are different so you need to keep that in mind when making golf bets. The U.S. Open is usually the toughest event where sometimes par is a very good score. The Masters is a tournament that favors experience so big names often win this event. The PGA and British Open are more in the middle so you will see big names winning sometimes while a relative unknown will win at other times.

Golf betting at sportsbook is not huge in terms of interest or volume but the majors do get more interest than the smaller tournaments. The fact that golf goes under the radar at the sportsbook is good for bettors as sometimes they can find a golfer who is ignored by the public. The problem you may run into though is that there is very little value in golf betting because oddsmakers don’t want to take a big hit on golf so they have a 20, 30, or 40 cent line with matchups.

The big advantage with golf betting is that there are tournaments taking place almost every week of the year. The PGA and European Tour have events on a regular basis. You can bet golf almost all year long and be in action at the sportsbook on a regular basis.