Giro d'Italia

The Tour of Italy, also commonly referred to as the Giro d’Italia is one of the major cycling events each year.  Along with the Tour de France and Tour of Spain it is part of the Grand Tours.  Let’s take a look at Tour of Italy betting at BetPhoenix sportsbook.

Giro d’Italia

This race has been held since 1909 in Italy and has been run every year except in World War I and World War II years. The race is part of the UCI World Tour and along with the Tour of Spain and Tour de France is part of the Grand Tours. The Tour of Italy is normally held in late May and goes through the Dolomites and Alps. The finish of the race is in Milan. The race normally consists of 21 stages held over 23 days with two rest days. Unlike the Tour de France which has the race leader wearing a yellow jersey and the Tour of Spain were the leader wears a red jersey, the leader of the Tour of Italy wears a pink jersey.

The 2012 race in Tour of Italy betting was won by Ryder Hesjedal from Canada making him the first Canadian to ever win the Giro d’Italia.  The 2012 race began in Herning, Denmark and ended in Milan. For many years the Tour of Italy always started and finished in Milan but since 1960 the race has changed starting spots every year. It has started outside of Italy a total of ten times. The race has finished in Milan every year since 1990. The race normally covers only Italy but there have been some exceptions with stages in other countries like Switzerland, Germany, etc.

Past Winners

2012 - Ryder Hesjedal

2011 - Michele Scarponidagger

2010 - Ivan Basso

2009 - Denis Menchov

2008 - Alberto Contador

2007 - Danilo Di Luca

2006 - Ivan Basso

2005 - Paolo Savoldelli

2004 - Damiano Cunego

2003 - Gilberto Simonidagger

2002 - Paolo Savoldelli

2001 - Gilberto Simoni

2000 - Stefano Garzelli

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