Tour de France

For the most part cycling betting revolves around the Tour de France. It is the most popular race to wager on and the one that gets the most attention around the world. Let’s take a look at Tour de France betting at BetPhoenix.

Tour de France


The Tour de France gets underway each year in July. The main option for betting on cycling is which rider will win the race but you may also see props on who will win the individual stages. You may also see options on which rider will be wearing the Yellow Jersey each day.

Other Races

Two other races also get some action in cycling betting at BetPhoenix and they are the Giro d'Italia and the Tour of Spain. Along with Tour de France betting, these three races make up the Grand Tour in cycling. The sport also has what is kind of a Triple Crown with the Tour de France, the Giro d'Italia and the World Cycling Championship. The Giro d'Italia is held each May and concludes in the month of June. It is a major prep race for the Tour de France. The Tour of Spain or as it is sometimes called, the Vuelta a España is held each September. The World Cycling Championship, also known as the UFC Road World Championships also gets some action in cycling betting. This event has a road race and an individual time trial.


Placing a cycling bet at the BetPhoenix sportsbook is simple and easy to do. It is similar in many respects to wagering on a team in a futures bet.

You might have a rider listed at odds of 3-1 to win an event and you can wager $100 and win $300 or an equivalent amount if your rider wins the race. Check out all of the options for betting on the Tour de France today.

The BetPhoenix sportsbook is the place to get great cycling betting odds including Tour de France futures.

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