Hockey is an exciting team sport that requires teamwork, accuracy and quick decision making. Watching a game live can be a breathtaking experience, as the teams move up and down the ice with amazing speed and brutal collisions being a regular occurrence. Fresh players replace their winded teammates on the fly, keeping the game moving with action that can keep even the uninitiated entertained. The National Hockey League, or NHL, is the highest level of hockey in the world. Placing a wager on the NHL lines is a great way to make an exciting sport even more exciting.

Ice Hockey Betting Rules

Ice hockey betting is not as difficult as it may seem, particularly with NHL betting lines. Hockey lines are similar to lines on baseball games. In order to bet on hockey, it is important to understand how the hockey odds work in order to get the best wager possible.

There are three main types of hockey lines that you can bet on. Those sets of odds are:

  1. "Win" odds, or the chances of either team winning.
  2. "Puck Line" odds, or the goal differential between the two teams.
  3. Over/Under, or the number of goals the bettor thinks will be scored.

Most people betting on hockey odds will focus on the "win" odds. Each team gets their own win odds, with one team being listed as the "favorite" and the other as the "underdog." For example, if Philadelphia Flyers and New York Rangers were to play, the NHL hockey odds may show Philadelphia at +200 and New York -300. The "+" sign indicates that Philadelphia is the underdog. A bet of $100 on Philadelphia would return $200 (or $300 total). Conversely, the "-" sign indicates that New York is the favorite. Therefore, a bet of $300 on New York would win $100. In this type of wager, all that matters is which team wins, regardless of how many goals they win by.

Wager on the NHL Games

The next type of NHL betting odds to choose from is the "puck line" odds. The Puck Line is a combination of the win odds with a goal differential. For example, in the Philadelphia game with New York, the Puck Line odds may show as:

  • Philadelphia -1.5 (+200)
  • New York +1.5 (-300)

The 1.5 is the goal differential. A differential of "-1.5" means that bettors who wager on Philadelphia will win if Philadelphia loses by one goal or wins the game outright. A $100 bet on the Flyers will win the $200. New York must win by more than 1.5 goals in order for bettors who gamble on the Rangers are to win. A bet of $300 will win those bettors $100.

The last type of NHL odd is the Over/Under. The over/under is the number of goal that are expected to be scored. For example, if the over/under is 6.5, then bettor must decide whether they think less than or more than 6.5 goals will be scored. As with the Puck Line odds, the over/under line will include odds.

For example, the over/under line with the Philadelphia/New York game may show as:

  • Philadelphia vs. New York over 6.5 (-110)
  • Philadelphia vs. New York under 6.5 (-110)

This means that gamblers will decide whether the teams will score more than 6.5 goals or fewer than 6.5 goals will be scored (rather than betting on the winner) and that a bet of $110 will win $100. It is possible to combine these bets as well. For example, a gambler could bet on New York and the over. If both parts win, the gambler will receive a much higher payout than betting on just part of this wager.

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Hockey betting makes an exciting sport even more exciting. The action goes go back and many fewer delays than other sports. The game seems to never stop moving. Betting on hockey is a great way to increase the level of excitement that you will feel watching a game. You will find great win odds, accurate puck lines and even better odds on the over/under. Come to Betphoenix and get the best odds you can to increase not only your likelihood of winning but your actual winnings as well.

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