No other sport can come close to matching the popularity of NFL football when it comes to sports wagering or money at stake. It is easy to understand the love for pro football betting as the game was literally made for both television and betting. The National Football League is the best professional sports league in the world with an emphasis on parity of teams that makes handicapping a supreme challenge.

NFL Games

Pro Football is "the King" of sports wagering

BetPhoenix Sportsbook is your source for odds on NFL football action.

No Limit Action

There are many ways to play the NFL odds starting with futures action in which you can lay or take odds on your favorite teams to win the Super Bowl, as well as its conference or division. You can also wager on over / under totals for wins on a season on each team.

Game action includes many options in which you can play the point spread or moneyline on a team, as well as totals, which are also known as over / unders. You can also wager on halves in which it is possible to take one team for the first half and its opponent in the second half!

Proposition bets have plenty of fans and are especially popular for Thursday, Sunday, and Monday night games. You can bet on items ranging from who will win the Most Valuable Player Award, to who will pass or run for the most yards in a game or season.

It Doesn’t Make Sense

The “Golden Rule” of understanding the NFL odds and successfully handicapping them is to accept the fact that there is not a lot of logic in pro football betting and that the best bet is often the bet that seems to make no sense at all. In the information age and with so much public money flowing in on games there are no secrets and often bad values on the board based on nothing more than hype.

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