When it comes to auto racing betting there are some different series to wager on. NASCAR has the main Sprint Cup Series, the Nationwide Series. Formula One and IndyCar Racing also have full seasons and there are options for those series as well.

Let’s consider some tips for Auto Racing Betting


The most popular type of auto racing betting is NASCAR. The sport has the three different series but the Sprint Cup series is where all of the main drivers are and where most of the betting takes place. You can bet on individual drivers to win the race.

2. Matchups

This is where one driver is matched against another on the sportsbook betting board. It is definitely much easier to have your driver beat other driver than the whole field. Many bettors focus on matchups when they bet on races.

3. Qualifying & Practices

If you want to win at auto racing then you really should take a serious look at the results of qualifying and practices. This will tell you which cars are looking the strongest and the ones most likely to win. This is absolutely essential when it comes to Formula One as the pole sitter wins a great deal.

4. History

As you look at auto racing betting tips remember to look at how a driver has done in the past at the current track. Drivers often will do well at one track and struggle at another so keep this in mind as you look to bet the races.

5. Money Lines

As you look at auto racing betting at BetPhoenix, remember that matchups are based on money lines. This means you risk more money on the favorite or get money back on the underdogs. It is similar to baseball so if you are betting favorites you need to win a high percentage of your wagers. Keep that in mind as you consider tips for auto racing.

Choose from the widest variety of motor race options including unique lines, match ups, driver props and more. Betting on races has never been more fun.

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