NASCAR betting for most gamblers involves placing a bet on a driver to win a race or on a matchup.

Betting on a Driver

NASCAR betting in terms of placing a bet on a driver to win a race can be a bit of a crapshoot. There are 43 drivers in each race of the NASCAR season. That sounds like a lot but in reality only the top 10 or so have a realistic chance to win. When you are looking at NASCAR betting in terms of a driver to win a race you want to look at a few factors. First, take a look at how the driver has performed at the track in the past.  Has he had success in this particular race?  Second, look at the qualifying results and the practices for the race. If the driver has posted speeds in the Top 10 in qualifying and practice then he could be a good value in NASCAR betting.

Another handicapping factor to consider when you make a NASCAR wager is the strength of the teams.  There is no doubt that certain teams like the Hendrick team and the Roush team have a definite advantage over other teams. You may want to consider the team factor as you look at the race each week.

NASCAR Matchups

The second main option in NASCAR betting is the matchup.  This is where the sportsbook puts up two drivers against each other. This is a sportsbook created matchup and the drivers are not really racing against each other. You just need the driver you pick to finish in front of the other driver in order to win your bet. The same tips are involved when betting matchups. You want a driver that has had success at the track in the past and that is also doing well in qualifying and in practice.

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