UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League is one of the most exciting soccer tournaments held each year. Let’s look at the tournament and UEFA Champions League betting.

Champions League

UEFA Champions League Tournament

This tournament takes place every year and is considered the top tournament in European football. The final is so popular that in 2011 the championship match was the most watched sporting event in the world as more than 178 million peopled tuned in. The tournament was known as the European Cup until 1992 when the name was changed to the current UEFA Champions League.


Juventus vs Real Madrid: May 5, 2015.
Barcelona vs Bayern: May 6, 2015.
Bayern vs Barcelona: May 12, 2015.
Real Madrid vs Juventus: May 13, 2015.


Bet on the 2015 UEFA Champions League Final


The Champions League has a number of stages that start in mid-July of the previous year. There are three qualifying rounds and a playoff round. Ten teams make it and join the other 22 teams in the group stage. There are eight groups of four teams in the group stage with teams playing in a round-robin format. The eight group winners and eight runner-ups make it to the knockout round and winners advance into the quarterfinals, semifinals and final. Real Madrid has won the tournament a total of nine times, the most in history.

Champions League Betting

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