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It’s official. You can now fund your BetPhoenix.ag account using Bitcoin which means that in under 10 minutes you can deposit money in your betting account securely, safely and without hefty fees.

Bet on Anything with Bitcoin

How To Bet At BetPhoenix.ag With Bitcoin?

How To Bet At BetPhoenix.ag With Bitcoin? - Deposit

Choose Bitcoin as your funding method and transfer your Bitcoin into your account. If applicable, bonuses and promotions will still apply, but instead of a dollar amount you’ll see the amount in Bitcoin currency.

How To Bet At BetPhoenix.ag With Bitcoin? - Betting

Use Bitcoin as you would any other currency when you bet. Once you’ve funded your account with Bitcoin, the balance will show in your account and you can place your bets. We’ve made it easy for you to know what your total balance is, so for your convenience it will reflect in the currency you’re used to.

How To Bet At BetPhoenix.ag With Bitcoin? - Payout

When you wish to withdraw your money, you can easily take a payout using Bitcoin. Your Bitcoin will be withdrawn at the day’s BTC exchange rate. Since the rate may fluctuate, you might benefit from it being higher than when you first made the deposit.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Bitcoin?

Mobile payments made easy:

Pay with your bitcoin using your mobile with a simple two-step scan-and-pay process. Make a bitcoin payment by scanning a QR code that will withdraw your bitcoin from your wallet. No need to sign up,, swipe your card, type a pin, or sign anything. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the BetPhoenix.ag bitcoin address to your bitcoin wallet to process the transfer of funds.

Complete security and control over your money:

Bitcoin payments are secured using military encryption. Absolutely no one can make a payment on your behalf. If you keep your wallet safe, your money is safe and you’re protected against most types of fraud.

Available 24/7, 365 days a year:

Unlike banks, you can access your bitcoin anytime. The bitcoin network is always open for you to make a transaction.

Fast international payments:

You can send bitcoins anywhere in the world easily and securely. You don’t need to wait days to process a transaction and there aren’t any fees for making an international payment.

Why Use Bitcoin?

If you’ve ever been limited by your government, international banking system, credit card company, PayPal or anyone else that tells you how to use your money then bitcoin is for you.

Get Started With Bitcoin

Choose Wallet
Get Started With Bitcoin - Choose Wallet

While choosing a wallet is easy, there are many options to choose from. Some wallets manage your bitcoins for you, which means you have to trust them to hold your bitcoins. You can have as many wallets as you wish, but the easiest is usually to start with a wallet for your Iphone or Android device so you can use your bitcoins whenever and wherever you want.

Get Bitcoins
Get Started With Bitcoin - Get Bitcoins

Getting bitcoins is just like getting any other currency. The easiest way is to buy them in a trusted bitcoin exchange or brokerage service that allows you to purchase bitcoin with a bank transfer, a credit card, and PayPal.

Spend Bitcoins
Get Started With Bitcoin - Spend Bitcoins

Why would you want to use bitcoins to bet? Well, it’s getting harder these days to send money and receive payments from your sportsbook. Using bitcoins is the easiest, quickest, and safest way to fund your sportsbook account. Bitcoin is money for the Internet and is used by millions around the world regardless of where they live. Since 2009, bitcoin has become an alternative to traditional government issued currency, which means you can use it wherever you want. Get started today!