Baseball Run Lines

Baseball run line betting has become a popular way to wager on Major League Baseball games as it is a way to bet on powerhouse teams like the New York Yankees as you can avoid making overlays on laying big odds with them as favorites.

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What is it?

The baseball run line is a different way to bet on the side of a game rather than by laying odds. An example of the run line would be New York Yankees -1.5 -120. This means that if you wanted to wager on the Yankees you would lay out $120 to win $100 and would win the bet as long as the Yankees win by 2 runs or more. The one bad part of the run line is that you could lose the bet even if the Yankees win by a single run. If you were to take the underdog you would win the bet as long as the dog did not lose by 2 runs or more.


Popular and great teams are more expensive than ever before with the regular odds bets, and teams such as the Yankees are often near -300 with side bets to win. The run line helps to cut into that price and softens the blow on a loss. Laying big money on a strong team, no matter how good they are, is risky because in baseball even the bad teams will score wins against the great teams during the year. A loss on a big favorite will take several wins to compensate for, and that is where the run line can come into play as a smart alternative to use with favored teams.


Depending on what the moneyline is the run line can also be advantageous with underdogs. A small underdog on the money line could be better with a runline at +1.5, especially if a tight game is expected. In a tight series that features teams with excellent pitching, that extra run and a half can often make the difference between victory and defeat.