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Super Bowl Betting Odds

NFL football future bets are a highly popular form of future wagering that include odds to win the Super Bowl, Conference and Division titles, and total wins for a season.


NFL football futures odds are getting to be almost as popular as game wagering, and include odds to win the Super Bowl, Conference, and Division Championships, and over / under betting on total wins for a team on the season. BetPhoenix Sportsbook is your source for the best in NFL football futures odds wagering action. Open your account today for a great bonus and the ultimate experience in sports gambling.

Total Wins

One segment of the NFL Football Futures odds that is rapidly growing in popularity is total wins for a season on each team. For example the Dallas Cowboys could have a total of 9 wins for the regular season posted on the BetPhoenix board and gamblers could then bet on whether or not the Cowboys would go over or under a total of 9 wins for the campaign.

Super Bowl, Division and Conference Betting

Also highly popular in NFL Football Futures odds betting is future action on which team will win the Super Bowl as well as teams who will win their respective conference or division titles. This is a way to not just bet on the one team that will win it all, but also on other good teams who can accomplish various high points during the season.

Things to Consider

There are many factors to take into account with any kind of futures wagering.  It is important to consider the leadership structure and quality of the teams you are considering. The New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Baltimore Ravens have been consistent and perennial winners because of good leadership.

The Dallas Cowboys on the other hand have shown what bad leadership can do as they are often a high priced overlay on the futures board due to their popularity and hype only to fall short because owner Jerry Jones won’t get out of the way and allow his football people to make decisions.