2020 Chinese Baseball Season is Here!

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2020 Chinese Baseball Season is Here! Best Baseball Odds

China was the first country that saw coronavirus shut their country down. But Chinese people have overcome the situation, after months of quarantined life and medical teams' efforts.

As such, China's situation has improved massively, so that their baseball season has started officially! However, safety first means that the games are being contested without fans in the stadium. Don't worry, though; they were actual robots in the stands to put some "emotion."

But this is one of the first resumed sports leagues in affected countries. Based in Taiwan, the game played was between the Chinatrust Brothers and the Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions.

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Scheduled to start on March 14th, the league was postponed until now due to COVID-19 precautionary measures. 

The Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) is small, consisting of only five teams. Joining the Brothers and the Lions, you can find the Fubon Guardians, the Rakuten Monkeys, and the Wei Chuan Dragons.

This season marks the 31st edition of the CPBL, although it was in 2003 when they merge with the Taiwanese league.

Usually, CPBL's seasons span from March to October. However, the delay of the season will also delay its finish by approximately a month, meaning that the playoffs will be played between late November and early December.

Playoffs consist of three teams competing in two rounds. A franchise may qualify for the postseason either by winning a half-season title or be awarded a wild card spot by having the highest ranking in the seasonal league.

The team that wins a half-season title will not be considered in the seasonal ranks when the winner of the wild card is selected. If the same team wins both half-seasons titles, another wild card will be given through the same process after the first berth has been awarded.

Now, those regulations may vary as the CPBL has reduced its number of teams, but that remains to be seen.

When talking about resumes, the Uni-President Lions are atop of them all, with nine titles to their credit. Chinatrust Brothers closely follow with seven Taiwan Series wins. Rakuten Monkeys have six championships to their name, Wei Chuan Dragons four, and the Fubon Guardians with three.

As per usual in many sports, the CPBL also has an all-star weekend with its Home-Run Derby and All-Star Game taking the spotlight. This event marks the half-way line of the season.

This is important because that's when the half-season titles are defined. It is more than just a symbolic feature during the season. Each half-season is 50 games long. The two half-season winners are the number one and two seeds, and the one with the best full-season record wins an automatic spot in the best-of-seven Taiwan Series.

The Taiwan Series is played under a 2-3-2 format. The other finalist is decided in a best-of-five series against the team with the best full-season record but didn't win either half-season.

If the same team happens to win both halves of the season, the next two teams with the best full-season records play in the playoffs. The winning team will play in the Taiwan Series, with the team that wins both halves having 5 games at home with a 2-2-3 format. Talk about having leverage.

As of now, the Rakuten Monkeys are the defending champions, after beating the Chinatrust Brothers 4-1 in last years' Taiwan Series, achieving a three-peat in doing so.

Few storylines are developing in this season. Can the Rakuten Monkeys keep their dynasty going strong? The Chinatrust Brothers have made the Taiwan Series in five of the last six years, losing all their appearances, can they overcome the ghosts of the past? 

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