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Floyd Mayweather vs Andre Berto September Fight Preview

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Floyd Mayweather vs Andre Berto September Fight Preview

Floyd Mayweather vs Andre Berto isn't the fight the world wanted to see, but with historical implications at hand, it's the one fight fans from coast to coast will probably be watching. Much criticism was pointed in the direction of Floyd Mayweather on the heels of a very tactical victory over the very dangerous Manny Pacquiao back in May of this year. Such criticism led many to feel he should follow up that effort with another dangerous bout, however, the given consensus thus far is that this one is anything but. When you look Andre Berto (30-3, 23KO's), you see a very spirited fighter with a heart as big as anyone Mayweather has faced in recent years.

His three losses were all due to some level of physical injury, which included going 10 rounds with no visibility in either eye, as well as a damaged shoulder which rendered him helpless for better than 8 rounds in that bout. Despite those injuries, he has never quit and has always demonstrated the heart of a lion, finding ways to be competitive despite being physically compromised. This reality tells us that no matter how much criticism fans send in his direction, the man across from him Saturday night will be a very dangerous opponent with everything to gain and not a thing in the world to lose.

Mayweather vs Berto is a fight that can go one of a few different ways. Conventional logic says Mayweather will do like always, which is collect his data, see what his opponent does well, and take those strengths from him; or perhaps a more sinister revelation, where the young, fast, and athletic Berto comes out and jumps all over the aging Mayweather, forcing him into potential mistakes that could prove costly in the end. The odds in the betting Boxing Lines lean heavily in the favor of Floyd Mayweather based on his past resume and level of past opposition. But for those who bet on fights that like to flirt with the wild side, this may be the perfect fight to hedge a bet.

Mayweather vs Berto will undoubtedly be far better than many around the sport seem to think, but one key element could cement the case for Floyd Mayweather if the past is any indication. For years now, Mayweather has gone with the two-fight per year schedule, fighting once in May on the famed Cinco de Mayo weekend, as well as the Mexican Independence Day weekend. During this stretch, he has traditionally appeared to have more rust in the May fights, as opposed to the September fights, due in part to the fact that there's an 8-month layoff after the September fight, but only a 4-month layoff between the May and September fights.

If the past is any indication, he could very well be clicking on all cylinders, which may not be good for Andre Berto. A Floyd Mayweather September fight almost always showcases a very sharp version of the sports Pound for Pound king, and if his recent comments are true, this time around may not be any different. When the bell rings and the action begins, fans can expect to see Andre Berto start out very cautious, curious to know what Mayweather will present. Uncharacteristically, Mayweather will probably oblige, eager to give the fans a bang for their buck! Berto will have his moments, but in the end, the smart money says the 'Money' man will win. Floyd Mayweather vs Andre Berto may not be the "Fight of the Year". But it very well could be the last time we see Mayweather lace-up. Stay tuned.


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