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Madison Square Garden Boxing: Golovkin vs Lemieux on HBO PPV

Madison Square Garden Boxing: Golovkin vs Lemieux on HBO PPV

Gennady Golovkin will put his undefeated record on the line when he faces off against David Lemieux at Madison Square Garden on October 17. The Golovkin vs Lemieux fight is considered my most boxing insiders as the fight to determine who the real Middleweight Champion is.

The Gennady GGG Golovkin vs David Lemieux fight is for the WBA (Super), IBO, interim WBC Middleweight title, and IBF Middleweight titles.

As he has done in the past, Golovkin is boxing on HBO PPV, in what will be his fourth Madison Square Garden boxing fight.

If you have been following boxing in recent years, you would know that Golovkin is one of the most entertaining fighters in the world, and is considered by some to be the best fighter in the business. GGG is a very powerful boxer and has knocked out his last 19 opponents, he will try to make Lemieux number 20 when they meet next week.

David Lemieux might not be as popular as GGG, but he is also a very dangerous fighter. His fighting style is also aggressive, which is why a lot of people are expecting this fight to be very exciting. Lemieux also has a lot of punching power, and has knocked out 31 of his 36 opponents.

Unlike boxers like Floyd Mayweather Jr., neither one of these boxers fight to score points. They are in the business of taking their opponent’s heads off, which should make Golovkin vs Lemieux a very interesting slugfest.

The problem with aggressive fighters is that they don’t protect themselves very well. This means that a mistake by either man can result in them getting knocked out. It also means that the fight is likely not going to go the distance, which might be disappointing for the people that pay a lot of money to watch boxing on HBO PPV, or the people that go to see it live.

While GGG is known for his punching power, he is also a very smart fighter. While he isn’t a great defensive artist like Mayweather, he still protects himself well during his fights. He picks his spots before he unleashes on his opponent, which helps him avoid getting hit by a lucky haymaker.

GGG also has good cardio, which means he can go the distance if needed, but he hasn’t had a chance to show off his cardio in a while because his fights end before going the distance.

One weakness GGG has is that he sometimes wants to give the fans their money’s worth, and tends to play around with his opponents before finishing them off. This strategy can work against fighters that aren’t a threat to knock him out, but if he pulls something like that against Lemieux, he will find himself on the losing end for the first time in his career, which will affect his chances of getting a lucrative fight against Miguel Cotto or Canelo Alvarez.

Lemieux throws caution to the wind in his fights, but if he has seen any Golovkin fights, he will have to come up with a sound defensive game plan. If he stays disciplined in this fight, he will have a good chance to win it.

Fight Odds.

GGG is the favorite in this fight, the fight line is -1,600 for him to win, and +800 for Lemieux to win.

My Pick: Golovkin vs Lemieux is a very big fight because the winner will get to fight either Alvarez or Cotto. Lemieux will test GGG like no other boxer has, but at the end of the day, it will end like the last 19 Golovkin fights have, which is a knockout. I think Golovkin will win in six rounds.

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