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Atletico Madrid vs Bayern FC: Previews and Predictions

Atletico Madrid vs Bayern FC: Previews and Predictions

Atletico managed to knock out their La Liga rivals out of this competition, so now they’ve moved on ahead to face the German giants Bayern FC in the UEFA Champions League semifinals. Keep reading for the full game preview.

Atletico Madrid vs Bayern Munchn

  • Time: Wednesday, April 27, 2016 2:45 PM ET

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For anyone that watched Atletico vs Barcelona in the last round, it was clear that defense was key to Atletico’s victory. Though a man down for most of that game, Atletico frustrated Barca’s attacks over and over with an iron-clad defense that was impressive to watch.

Atletico’s defensive stratagem has been so impressive, in fact, that they’ve not lost since in the three games that have followed. Head coach “Cholo” Simeone has conceptualized a defense that’s practically impossible to penetrate and even harder to score against, even with the likes of Messi, Neymar Jr, and Luis Suarez attempting to punch holes through it.

This is something to note heading into this game against Bayern, for if Atletico’s defense held against Barcelona, it has a fair shot to fare well against Bayern’s aggressive front. And, because they’re playing at Vicente Calderon, even not losing will go a long way towards passing through to the UEFA finals.

Under Simeone, “Los Colchoneros,” have been solid at home and only allowed one goal through their last six matches and two in five in this competition.

AS for Atletico’s attack? Frenchman Antoine Griezmann was extremely effective in finding the back of the net against Barcelona, despite the absence of Fernando Torres who was suspended. With Torres back in the fold, Atletico has an even greater chance at breaking through Bayern’s defense with the counterattack.

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Though Bayern was the heavy favorite at the start of this competition, their performance over the first two rounds of the knockouts left much to be desired. It was only at the end of regulation time that Muller managed the game winner against Juventus; and, against Benfica they won in the aggregate 3-2 unconvincingly.

Yet, here there are. Still in competition as one of the favorites to win the championship. And, since they’ve managed to win their next three games with Thomas Muller and Robert Lewandowski leading the attack.

However, their next opponent might prove to be hard to overcome. Atletico’s stern defense managed to stop Barcelona and has a good shot at holding their own against Bayern.

Head coach Pep Guardiola is a master at figuring out how to crack these types of defenses however and he’ll undoubtedly have something in store for the Spaniards. With players like Douglas Costa, Franck Ribery and Kingsley Coman at wings, Bayern can continually set up unexpected attacks through the air. And, with Lewandowski waiting in the middle, ready to score at every opportunity, there’s more than a likely chance at scoring.

This will be more a chess match than a football game. Both head coaches will test every opening and look for the opportunistic score.

Game Predictions: Like mentioned above, the first game might be a testing ground for the second leg. Expect this to be the closest of matches to end in a 0-0 draw.

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