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The 2013 Ashes Series Preview: England and Australia are Battling

2013 Ashes Series

England and Australia are battling in the 2013 Ashes Series. It is a series of test cricket matches that are held every other year. This year the venues for the series are Old Trafford, Trent Bridge, Lord’s, The Oval and Riverside Ground. Here is a look at the 2013 Ashes Series and cricket betting at BetPhoenix sportsbook.

The 2013 Ashes Series began on July 10th and will conclude on August 25th. This time around the series is being hosted by England. Both England and Australia are in good form so this should be a competitive series. The series consists of five test matches and the rules are no different than regular test matches. If there is a draw in the series then the trophy will stay with England as they are the reigning champs. Many people are predicting that the series could easily end up 2-2 or 1-1 so a draw is quite possible.

In the history of this series it is Australia who has won 133 matches while England has won 102. The rest of the 327 matches ended in draws.

2013 Ashes Series

This series favors England because they are at home. The weather could also favor England as a dry series definitely favors England while if it rains then Australia would have the edge. Graeme Swann is the key player for England and in dry weather he is going to be tough to contain. He has taken more wickets than anyone else. England also has Kevin Pietersen who has returned from injury. England also has Alastair Cook who will be battling. The key players for Australia are Michael Clarke and Shane Watson.

Australia would obviously like to win this series but they would be happy just to win a win or two. Australia needs to prove they can win on the road at England in preparation for the Cricket World Cup.

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