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Formula One Betting

Online F1 Betting Tips

F1 betting is a type of auto racing betting involving Formula One Grand Prix races. The Formula One season has 19 races with drivers competing each week trying to earn points to the drivers’ and the constructors’ championships. Let’s look at how to bet Formula One races and the options available at the sportsbook.

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F1 Practices

F1 betting can have a number of different options for each of the races. The Formula One races each weekend start with practice sessions, qualifying and then the race. There are sometimes options on who will be fastest in practice, who will win the pole, etc.

F1 Races

Formula One betting for the race has two main options and then some F1 props. The two main choices are a driver to win the race and the driver vs. driver matchups. In addition to those two main options you may also see odds on F1 props like the number of cautions, the speed of the race, etc.

Heavy Favorites

Unlike NASCAR betting, Formula One betting can be extremely top heavy in terms of drivers. For years it was all about Sebastian Vettel as he dominated Formula One. In 2014 that changed as Mercedes got a big advantage on all of the other teams before the season began so that meant that their two drivers, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg were the drivers to bet on at the online sportsbook in Formula One betting odds. Mercedes has been so dominating in 2014 that Hamilton and Rosberg are the only two drivers listed with odds at many sportsbooks as all of the other drivers are part of the field.

Formula One doesn’t have nearly as many teams or drivers as NASCAR so there will be some heavy favorites. It is not uncommon to see the favorite in an F1 race go off at odds-on which is something you never see in NASCAR.

Formula One racing is very popular around the world and F1 betting gets a lot of attention from European bettors when the season begins each year in March.