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2018 All-Star Game: Full Predictions & Analysis

Bryce Harper walks it off in National Park as the winner of this year’s Home Run Derby. Today, the American and National League of Major League Baseball will once more face each other in the Midsummer Classic, otherwise known as baseball’s All-Star Game. The American League is the MLB betting lines favorite, but can the NL snatch it away?

2018 MLB All-Star Game Betting Preview & Analysis

  • When: Tuesday, July 17, 2018
  • Where: Nationals Park
  • Moneyline: American League -131 vs. National League +121

You could argue that the All-Star Game is about as exciting as watching paint dry. But, maybe you didn’t know that winning it gives the league home-field advantage in the World Series which means there’s something at stake and makes it worth the player’s attention.

Why Bet on the National League

Not that the National League doesn’t have its fair share of great batters, but it’s hard to compare them to what the AL is showing up with.

However, in winning the Home Run Derby, Bryce Harper just took on the face of the National League and may give them an opening to snatch this game away from the AL.

Freeman has been making a name for himself under the radar, dominating first base for the Atlanta Braves. He also happens to have one of the game's best swings. Freeman has a .315/.406/.542 slash line with 16 home runs and 59 RBI.

Baez, however, could turn the tide for the NL. The Cubs' second baseman is a great entertainer on the field with an uncanny ability to snatch a throw and tag a baserunner with eye-popping gusto. He’s also having a great year at the plate with a .295 batting average, 17 homers, and 65 RBI.

But, if there’s a group of players that can get the job done it’s going to come down to the NL’s pitchers. Max Scherzer will start for the NL, and he has a real shot at shutting down the AL’s big bats before the manager starts to switch out the starters with the other guys in the roster.

Why Bet on the American League

The American League has won five straight All-Star games in a row which tied the all-time series in a tie at 43-43-2.

As it stands, the AL appears to have the edge this year as well packing enough power in the players to knock it out of the park, no pun intended.

Mike Trout, J.D. Martinez, Mookie Betts and Jose Altuve are a fearsome foursome that seems much stronger than National League heavyweights Bryce Harper, Freddie Freeman, Nolan Arenado and Javier Baez. Not only that, the entire AL roster seems to hold an edge over the NL, including pitchers and reserves.

Trout is arguably the best player in the game, even going so far as being compared to the great Mickey Mantle. The 26-year-old Angels’ bomber has a slash line of .312/.455/.627, with 25 home runs and 50 RBI, and he has already won two All-Star Game Most Valuable Player Awards in his career. “Sure, yeah,” Trout says. “Hey, Angels fans back home! I’m going to represent you guys tomorrow. I’m going to go out and play hard, and we’ll see what happens.”

Martinez is probably the best slugger of the bunch and should knock some homers out. His teammate, Mookie Betts, is sometimes compared to Trout in all-around talent and is having a great year with a .343/.432/.673 with 22 homers, 44 RBI, and 16 stolen bases.

Last but not least, Altuve is the reigning American League Most Valuable Player and should give fans something to talk about tonight.

Game Prediction: With so many power hitters on deck, it’s hard to see the AL not winning the 2018 All-Star Game.