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Baseball betting takes place from April all the way through October so there are a lot of chances to win money. Unlike some of the other sports like football or basketball, you don’t have to worry about the pointspread. You just need your team to win to collect. Let’s look at how the bet the money line and some baseball betting options.

Baseball betting is all about money lines. Let’s look at some examples. If a team like the New York Yankees is a -150 favorite in a game against the Boston Red Sox, it means you are wagering $150 dollars to win $100 or the 15/10 equivalent. Conversely, if you take the Boston Red Sox you get $130 dollars back for every $100 wagered or 10/13. The difference between $150 and $130 is $20 dollars, or what is called 20 cents and that is what you get when talking about baseball betting odds. Most of the totals are based on that twenty-cent line. You have to lay $120 for $100 or the 12-10 equivalent on a 20-cent line.

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With baseball betting you just need your team to win the game to get paid. That makes it very easy and simple as there is no pointspread to consider. Many people will say that you should never lay the big prices in baseball but all you have to do is win to collect.

Some people say that betting the underdog is the way to go. You don’t need to win nearly as many games when taking underdogs as you do with favorites. Other players like favorites and play parlays. This is a popular area for many players. They parlay together many favorites on the MLB line each day. If you have a bunch of favorites that you really like, you can stick them on a parlay and not have to worry about laying points. If teams like the Yankees, Dodgers, Red Sox, Cardinals, and Mets all win on your five-team parlay, you are paid. It is not unusual at all to see people taking the occasional long shot and playing a 10-team baseball parlay.

Baseball betting can be profitable. You have a lot of choices from favorites and underdogs to parlays and totals. Check out the latest odds today.

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