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MLB Set To Return on July 1st, 2020

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MLB Set To Return on July 1st, 2020

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After months of speculation, negotiation, and back-and-forth arguments between the MLB and the MLBPA (players association) have finally reached an agreement to start the season.

With a 60-game season cleared out, players will report for a short-version of spring training on July 1. Still, the tentative dates are either July 23 or July 24 for the regular season to begin. 

Not an easy task since the length and the financial compensation was unsettled. That's in the past now, and things fell into place for the action to return to the diamond. 

The 60 games will mainly be played against divisional rivals and the other against their divisional counterpart. For example, a National League team of the Central Division will play against their own divisional opponents and then against the Central Division of the American League to minimize travels.

As of now, 40 players and staff members have been positive for Covid-19 at the time of writing. Testing will ensure only negative cases can interact with the rest of the league.

These are key takeaways from the start of the MLB season.

  1. The campaign will be a 60-game regular season with 40 divisional games and 20 interleague games against their geographical equivalent.
  2. Since there is no time to lose, teams will need to submit a 60-man roster for spring training on July 1.
    This list has to be presented by Sunday, June 28. It's worth noting that, at the beginning of the season, the teams will be able to travel with 30 active players. Two weeks after that, the number will reduce to 28, and then to 26 four weeks after.
  3. There are two new rules in the MLB for this season: Pitchers won't be hitting in the National League as there will be a universal DH. There's also going to be a baserunner on second base when every half-inning in extra innings starts.
  4. Beginning on June 26, the franchises will be able to look and realize trades from that point on up to the 60-man roster submission deadline. So all teams can start looking to improve their roster before the season begins.
  5. However, the teams will be able to trade until August 31, which will be the halfway point of the season. 
  6. There will be a specific inactive list dedicated to Covid-19 positive cases. The players in this list will be either the ones that test positive or have symptoms and will be there until testing proves negative. No amount of time will be set in this list; the player tested will automatically go, without having to miss 10 games instead of what other lists rule.
  7. MLB has been talking to Nashville representatives to form two teams with free agents to keep in baseball form and get paid. If needed, teams will be able to sign these players for an undisclosed fee as of writing.

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