NASCAR Betting Online

NASCAR Betting Tips

The NASCAR season begins in February each year and concludes in November. That means 10 great months of exciting racing action. There are a lot of options to consider in NASCAR betting at BetPhoenix sportsbook. Let’s take a look at what you can wager on and some handicapping tips.

NASCAR Betting Choices

When you get involved in betting on NASCAR you have two main options. You can bet a driver to win the race or you can wager on the NASCAR betting matchup. Both have appeal as you can get some nice odds on a driver to win the race and it is nice to hit a score like 10-1 or 20-1 but it is hard to pick the right driver each week. Matchups are easier because you just have to pick one driver to beat another driver.

NASCAR Handicapping

NASCAR betting does involve some handicapping because there are some teams in NASCAR that are definitely better than other teams. There is a definite drop off in talent. You have the top teams such as the Rick Hendrick Chevrolets driven by Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr., and the Joe Gibbs Racing stable of drivers like Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin and Matt Kenseth. There is really a disparity among the teams in terms of equipment and in terms of talent and that is important to remember in NASCAR betting. Drivers like Casey Mears, AJ Almendinger, Marcos Ambrose, Danica Patrick and others have no real chance to win in the Sprint Cup Series.

You also have to remember in NASCAR that the prices you pay are going to be higher based upon the skill level of the teams and the drivers. You will rarely find double digit betting lines on drivers like Jimmie Johnson, Kyle Busch or Kevin Harvick.

As you consider NASCAR betting you really have to look beyond the obvious statistics. Look at how a driver has done at a certain track and look for some sort of value. NASCAR is the same as any other type of sports betting. If you do the research and the handicapping you will have a better chance to win.