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An In-Depth Look At The NBA Championship Odds

An In-Depth Look At The NBA Championship Odds

The 2015 NBA Finals kick off in a few days, and basketball fans are eagerly anticipating the championship series between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors. As expected, there are going to be a lot of wagers placed on the Finals, so we are providing a quick look at the NBA championship odds.

During the 2015 Conference Finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers, who finished with the second best record in the Eastern Conference, swept the Atlanta Hawks, who had the best record in the Eastern Conference, and second best overall record in the league. Prior to the series, the Cavaliers were considered the favorites, despite losing three of the four games they played against the Hawks during the regular season, because the Cavaliers had been very dominant during the playoffs, while the Hawks had been shaky at best.

Cleveland swept the Boston Celtics in four games, but lost Kevin Love for the rest of the playoffs in the final game of that series, making them underdogs against the Chicago Bulls, who were healthy for the first time in a while. They faced their toughest test of the postseason against Chicago, but found a way to defeat the Bulls in six games, which set up their series against the Hawks. During the Eastern Conference finals, Cleveland point guard Kyrie Irvin suffered an injury to his foot, which forced him to miss two games, he was able to play in the final game of the series, and has had a week off to rest the injury, so the Cavaliers are hoping he won’t be hobbled by the injury during the finals.

Golden State had a similar run to what Cleveland had in the playoffs, in the first round, they swept the New Orleans Pelicans, who gave them all they could handle in the series. In the second round, they faced the defensive minded Memphis Grizzlies, who were hoping to pull off the upset, especially after handing the Warriors a rare home loss during the series. The Warriors bounced back and were able to defeat the Grizzlies in six games.

After they played the Grizzlies, the Warriors had to face the Houston Rockets, who had the second best record in the Western Conference. It was supposed to be a series that would go the distance, but the Warriors proved to be too much for the Rockets to handle, and won the series in five games. In the final game of the series, Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson was hit in the head by a knee, which gave him a concussion, so he status for game 1 of the 2015 NBA Finals is still up in the air, but if he is forced to miss a game or more due to the injury, it could spell trouble for the Warriors, because he is the team’s second leading scorer, and also one of their best defenders.

The current NBA championship odds have the Cleveland Cavaliers as the underdog in this year's finals, which is quite surprising, because they have four time league MVP LeBron James, and All Star point guard, Kyrie Irvin on the team. It is also surprising, because the Cavaliers have been the best NBA team during the playoffs. The fact that the Golden State Warriors finished with the best record in the NBA, and the fact the Cavaliers will be without All Star forward Kevin Love, for the finals, are the main reasons the Cavaliers are the underdogs.

This could work out in favor of people who plan to bet on the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals, because a LeBron James led team has not been an underdog in the NBA Finals since his first trip to the finals, when they got swept by the San Antonio Spurs. This makes their odds for the NB championship worth the risk, because of the potential payout, and the fact that the line will quickly move back in their favor, if they win one of the first two games at Golden State.

During this playoffs, the Cleveland Cavaliers have gone 12-2, which is the best record of all the playoff teams. This has been due to their defense, which has been smothering their opponents, who averaged 92.6 points against them so far. Offensively, they are also one of the best teams in the playoffs, and they are averaging 101.4 points per game.

The Warriors have also been as good as the Cavaliers during their playoff run, they have a 12-3 record so far, and their defensive intensity picked up in the playoffs, which has helped them hold their opponents to 96.3 points per game, which is the fourth best average during the playoffs. Offensively, they were the best team during the regular season, but they are currently the fourth best in the playoffs, with a 104.3 point per game average.

NBA Finals Odds.

As previously mentioned, the Golden State Warriors have the best NBA Finals odds, right now, they are the favorites to win the NBA Finals, and the money line is currently at -190. The odds for the Cleveland Cavaliers to win the series is currently +165, but the odds for both teams will likely change as we get closer to the start of the NBA Finals.

For Game 1 of the series, the Golden State Warriors are the favorites, and the point spread is set at 5.5 points. The over/under on the NBA total spread for Game 1 is 203 points. NBA fans should also watch the halftime betting odds, since these two teams will definitely make it interesting. 

My Pick: The 2015 NBA Finals is expected to go the distance, because both teams are very talented, and are also playing very well right now, so neither team can claim an advantage over the other. If Klay Thompson is unable to play in a few games, the momentum will shift in favor of the Cavaliers, but the Warriors are a very deep team, and can still win a couple of games without him in the lineup. The bottom line here is that the Cavaliers have an experienced team with players that have been in the NBA Finals before and won it, while the Warriors don’t, so I expect the experience that the Cavaliers have to make the difference. The Warriors will give it all they have, but LeBron James will lead Cleveland to its first ever NBA championship.

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