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A Look At This Year's NBA Spreads

A Look At This Year's NBA Spreads

The NBA Finals has lived up to the hype generated prior to its start, despite the injury to Cleveland point guard Kyrie Irvin, which is great for the NBA.

So far, both of the games that have been played have gone into overtime, which is the first time in NBA history that that has happened in the Finals.

Unfortunately for fans that took the under on the NBA over/under bets, the two overtimes have cost them their bets.

The NBA spreads have also been a hit or miss for most fans, because the people that took the Cavaliers on the +5.5 prior to Game 1, ended up losing their bets, because the Warriors won by eight points, and after the injury to Kyrie Irvin, most people placed their bets on the Warriors, who were supposed to have an easier time with the depleted Cavaliers, but thanks to the heroics of LeBron James, who led the Cavaliers to an unexpected win, they lost their bets.

Of all the ways to bet on this series, it seems like the NBA halftime betting is the best way to go, because you get to see how both teams are playing, which allows you to make a better choice than you would prior to the game.
For example, in Game 2, Stephen Curry couldn’t make a shot to save his life, people who saw that he was having an off night were able to bet on the Cavaliers in the second half of the game, and it paid off very well for them.

Now that the series is shifting to Cleveland, the Warriors are in a little bit of a predicament.

For the most part, the best offensive team in the NBA, struggled to make their shots while playing in front of their home crowd, so one has to assume it will be more difficult for them to do so on the road, which means they can find themselves facing a 3-1 deficit by the time the series shifts back to Oakland, if they are unable to get their shots to fall on the road.

They also have to make some adjustments in terms of shot selection, even though they are a great three point shooting team, they are settling for the three point shot a lot, instead of trying for higher percentage field goals, which isn’t a very good game plan.

We will find out if they are able to make the necessary adjustments in Game 3 on Tuesday night.

The Cavaliers have turned up their defensive intensity, which has helped them to hold the best offense in the league in check.

They have also been fortunate enough to have LeBron James bail them out in both games, but the role players like J.R. Smith, will need to start scoring more baskets than they currently are, to prevent James from being exhausted at the end of games.

With their win in Game 2, the Cavaliers finally won their first NBA Finals game, so now that they have that monkey off their backs, expect them to come out swinging in Game 3, as they try to gain control of the series.

NBA Championship Odds.

The online sportsbooks still have the Warriors as the favorites to win the championship, their odds are currently -220, while the odds for the Cavaliers to win the championship is at +180.

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