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NBA Playoffs 2015. It's Getting Hot!

NBA Playoffs 2015. It's Getting Hot!

The 2014-2015 NBA playoffs is in the second round, but there has already been some great games that will go down in the history books and be replayed numerous times on NBATV. In the first round, a lot of the teams that were expected to win their series did, but there were also a few exceptions.

In the Eastern Conference, the matchup between the 4th seeded Toronto Raptors and 5th seeded Washington Wizards was expected to be a great series, especially after Wizards forward Paul Pierce had a few choice words for the Raptors prior to the start of the series. He ended up backing up his words, with some exceptional games and late game heroics, which helped the Wizards sweep the Raptors. 

The Cleveland Cavaliers were one of the favorites to make it to the NBA Finals, and looked the part in their first round series against the Boston Celtics, who they swept, but they lost Kevin love for the rest of the playoffs with a shoulder injury, which will affect their chances of making it to the finals.

The Chicago Bulls and Milwaukee Bucks probably had the most exciting series in the Eastern Conference, the Bulls won the first three games of the series, and looked in control of the series. The Bucks bounced back with great defense in their next two games, and had an opportunity to even the series with game six on their home court, but failed miserably, losing by 54 points at home.

In the Western Conference, there were some entertaining matchups as well, the Golden State Warriors, who had the best record in the regular season, won their playoff matchup against the New Orleans Pelicans 4-0, but they were tested by the young Pelicans, and the two teams provided fans with a very entertaining series. 

The Houston Rockets and Dallas Maverick series provided more drama off the court than it did on the court. Rajon Rondo, who the Mavericks traded for to help them get to the NBA finals, butted heads with head coach Rick Carlisle during the regular season, and things got worse when the playoffs started. Rondo was benched for the rest of the series, and took advantage of the dysfunction going on in the Dallas locker room, defeating the Mavericks in five games.

The best series by far belongs to the San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Clippers, who entered the playoffs as two of the hottest teams in the NBA, so you knew something had to give. The series went back and forth, but the Spurs had a chance to close out the Clippers in game six, which was in San Antonio, but they failed to do so, which resulted in both teams playing in a game 7. The final game of the series was played over the weekend, and the Clippers won the game on a last second shot by Chris Paul, who suffered a hamstring injury during the game. The game 7 between the two teams has been the best game in the playoffs this season, and it is also considered to be one of the best playoff games ever.


The NBA playoffs have been played since 1947, to determine which team is the best in the league. The first NBA playoff was won by the Philadelphia Warriors, and the most recent was won by the San Antonio Spurs. For the second time since 1999, the Los Angeles Lakers, San Antonio Spurs, and Dallas Mavericks, will not represent the Western Conference in the Finals. With their loss in the first round, the Spurs became the only team to win the championship multiple times but never do it in consecutive years.

Now that we are in the second round of the playoffs, don’t expect to see too many sweeps, because the remaining teams are the best that each conference has to offer. Make sure to keep an eye out for the Chicago Bulls vs Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Houston Rockets vs Los Angeles Clippers, because those two series look like they will need to play all seven games to determine a winner.

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