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NFL Playoffs 2017: How Does It Look Like After Week 16?

NFL Playoffs 2017: How Does It Look Like

Through 16 weeks of football, how does the picture look for teams to make the 2017 NFL Playoffs? How are the seeds stacking up for the current division leaders and for those that are battling for a wild-card berth?

Bearing the standings and tiebreakers, here are how things may play out in the AFC and NFC.

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How Clear Is The Picture For The 2017 NFL Playoffs

2017 NFL Playoff Picture and News 

2017 NFL Playoff Picture

In The AFC

 No. 1 Seed – New England Patriots (12-3): Winners of the AFC East. The Patriots won over Buffalo to keep the top spot as well as clinching a first-round bye with help from Jacksonville who lost to the 49ers on Sunday. If the Steelers defeat the Browns, and the Patriots beat the Jets, they may keep the No. 1 seed.

No. 2 Seed – Pittsburgh Steelers (12-3): Winners of the AFC North. The Steelers won over Houston on Monday Night Football thus keeping the pressure on the Patriots for the No. 1 seed. They also earned a first-round bye with the Jaguars loss. As mentioned above, if the Patriots lose to the Jets and Pittsburgh comes away with a win over Browns they’ll earn the No. 1 seed.

 No. 3 Seed – Jacksonville Jaguars (10-5): Winners of the AFC South. It’s the Jaguars’ first division title in 18 seasons after Tennessee’s loss on Sunday. However, in losing to San Francisco, they’re basically locked into the No. 3 seed for the playoffs. They’ll host the last teams to get into the AFC playoffs on wild-card weekend.

No. 4 Seed – Kansas City Chiefs (9-6): Winners of the AFC West: The Chiefs once more won the division after beating Miami on Sunday. There’s nothing left for Washington except to wait for the wild-card playoff game. They’ll host the conference’s top wild-card team in Round 1 of the playoffs.

Wild Card Hopefuls

No. 5 Seed – Baltimore Ravens (9-6): Earned the second place in the AFC East. The Ravens held off Indianapolis to jump up from No. 7 leaving them in the driver’s seat for the top AFC wild card. The Ravens need to beat the Bengals to clinch a spot in the playoffs. If the Ravens lose to the Bengals, they still might get into the playoffs if the Titans or the Bills lose their games.

No. 6 Seed – Tennessee Titans (8-7):  Earned the second place in the AFC South. The Titans lost and NFC game to Los Angeles, but keep a conference-record tiebreaker over the winning Chargers and losing Bills for the last wild card. A win over the Jaguars gets them in the playoffs.

Who’s Left? Chargers (8-7) and Bills (8-7): The Chargers can make it with a win over the Raiders plus a Titans win over the Jaguars plus a Ravens win over the Bengals.

Who's out: 9. Dolphins (6-9), 10. Bengals (6-9), 11. Raiders (6-9), 12. Broncos (5-10), 13. Jets (5-10), 14. Texans (4-11), 15. Colts (3-12), 16. Browns (0-15).

In The NFC

No. 1 Seed – Philadelphia Eagles (13-2): Winners of the NFC East. The Eagles earned the top see in the NFC playoffs as well as the home-field advantage with a win over Oakland on Monday Night Football.

No. 2 Seed – Minnesota Vikings (12-3): Winners of the NFC North. The Vikings are that much closer to a first-round bye when they beat the Packers on Saturday, but because Carolina is still in the fight with a game up ahead against Tampa Bay, the Vikes will have to beat Chicago in Week 17.

No. 3 Seed – Los Angeles Rams (11-4): Winners of the NFC West. It’s Los Angeles’ first division title since 2013 after beating Tennessee on the road. They’ll host a playoff game as West champs on wild-card weekend.

No. 4 Seed – New Orleans Saints (11-4): Winners of the NFC South. After beating the Atlanta Falcons, the Saints clinched a playoff spot but they’ll need to beat Tampa Bay in Week 17 or hope Carolina loses to earn the division title.

Wild Card Hopefuls

No. 5 Seed – Carolina Panthers (11-4): Earned the second place in the NFC South. The Panthers clinched their spot in the playoffs by beating Tampa Bay, but if they’re to win the division in Week 17, they’ll need to win in Atlanta this week and hope New Orleans loses to the Buccaneers.

No. 6 Seed – Atlanta Falcons (9-6): They’re in third place in the NFC South and they’ll stay here versus Seattle because they have a head-to-head tiebreaker. However, after losing to New Orleans they won’t get in the playoffs without beating Carolina in Week 17.

Who’s Left? Seattle Seahawks (9-6):  The Seahawks won over Dallas but to make the playoffs they’ll need to beat Arizona at home next week and pray that Atlanta loses or ties at home against Carolina.

Who's out: 8. Lions (8-7), 9. Cowboys (8-7), 10. Packers (7-8). 11. Redskins (7-8), 12. Cardinals (7-8), 13. 49ers (5-10), 14. Bears (5-10), 15. Buccaneers (4-11), 16. Giants (2-13).

There you have it, the 2017 NFL Playoffs picture updated and clear heading into Week 17.

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