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2018 Week 1 NFL Betting Lines Analysis & Picks

While the regular season is still weeks away, the NFL betting lines are up which means you can start finding some good value games before there are any line changes. The 2018 season promises to bring its fair share of great games and though you might think it’s too early to make an accurate pick, there might be a few lines you’ve missed. Let’s take a look at the current NFL odds for Week 1 of the regular season.

Regular Season Week 1 NFL Betting Lines

Falcons (-4 -105) vs. Eagles

The defending Super Bowl champions Philadelphia Eagles will open the new NFL season at home as tradition calls for. Philly doesn’t get any breaks in Week 1 when they host the Falcons, a team that will give the Eagles a run for their money to crown themselves as the NFC winners. Last year, the Patriots were crushed by the Chiefs in Week 1 and the Eagles are looking to avoid a similar fate. The Falcons are the 4-point favorites, but the Eagles should be able to hold strong.

Pick: Eagles +4 -115

Bengals vs. Colts (-3 -105)

With our without Luck, the Colts should be able to pull off a win in their season-opener. Luck hasn’t taken a snap since 2016 and it’s still unknown if he’ll start this year as well, but the Colts’ offense did edge out that of the Bengals albeit for the worst offense in the league.

Pick: Bengals +3

Bills vs. Ravens (-6 -110)


Buccaneers vs. Saints (-9.5 -110)

Texans vs. Patriots (-6.5 -110)

The rumor mill is turning in the Patriots organization heralding the end of the Brady/Belichick era. If that were to come, it opens a lot of questions as to which team will rise to crown themselves as the AFC kings. Do the Texans have a shot with their newly appointed QB, DeShaun Watson? He certainly looked ready before his season-ending injury in his rookie year and he’ll get a shot at proving himself against Brady. Nevertheless, it’s hard to believe the Texans will win this game.

Pick: Patriots -6.5

49ers vs. Vikings (-5.5 -110)

This game presents an interesting matchup between Niners’ franchise quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and Vikings QB Kirk Cousins (who would’ve been San Fran’s franchise QB). The 49ers will stay in the game and give the Vikings a run for their money, but the fact the game is played in Minnesota and that the Vikings have an overall better squad will mean the win goes to the home team.

Pick: Vikings -5.5

Titans vs. Dolphins (-2 -110)

This game is being played in Miami, which might have given the Dolphins an advantage, except for the fact the Titans are used to playing there because it’s the fourth consecutive season these teams have played, and third in a row at Miami in the first five games of the season. It’s also true, however, that the Dolphins have won four of its past five games to start the season, so I’m going to let history make my pick for me.

Pick: Dolphins -2

Giants vs. Jaguars (-3.5 -105)

The Giants schedule this year seems tougher than last year’s, and 2017 was tough. This game favors the Giants though because the Jaguars offense relies heavily on the run and New York’s new defensive coordinator, James Bettcher is great at killing the ground game and blitzing the QB. It might not be a high-scoring game, but the Giants defense will get the job done.

Pick: Giants +3.5

Browns vs. Steelers (-5.5 -110)

The Browns have rebuilt their team from the ground up through free agency in the offseason; that said, to say this is going to have a big impact this season may be stretching things too far. The Steelers have a much better team and Roethlisberger and Co. will make sure they win the first game of the season.

Pick: Steelers -5.5

Chiefs vs. Chargers (-3 -125)

Both of these teams have a shot at making the playoffs, however, the Chiefs are starting the season with an unproven QB in Patrick Mahomes, while the Chargers may still have a long way to go to repeat last year’s success when they almost made the playoffs. It’ll be interesting to see how Mahomes fares in his first game as a pro, but I slightly favor the Chargers since they’re playing at home.

Pick: Chargers -3 -125

Cowboys vs. Panthers (-2.5 -110)

It’ll be the Panthers first opening game at home since 2013, so you can expect that they’ll be taking advantage of playing in front of their crowd. Regardless, the Boys won’t be a pushover and will make Carolina a run for their money. Cam Newton should be good to go and he tends to do well against marquee opponents.

Pick: Carolina -2.5 -110

Cardinals vs. Redskins (PK -110)

Steven Wilks just took over as the Cardinals head coach and they’re opening the season at home which is good news for Arizona because it means the Redskins will have to travel halfway across the country to play the game. Washington is also playing with a new quarterback in Alex Smith but he already has a couple of seasons under his belt and should be OK. Nevertheless, the home field advantage will benefit the Cardinals.

Pick: Cardinals PK -110

Broncos vs. Seahawks (-2.5 -110)

It’ll be the Seahawks’ first time in Denver since 2010 and they’ll be without the Legion of Boom this year as Sherman, Thomas and Chancellor (the core of the LOB) are no longer playing with Seattle. The Seahawks have also lost some key players to free agency in the offense which means they’ll have some adjusting to do this season.

Pick: Broncos +2.5

Bears vs. Packers (-8 -110)

The rivalry between these two dates back to 1921 and the Packers have the lead in the series; but, the Bears should be an improved team with the addition of Mitchell Trubisky, now in his second year, as their starting quarterback. Chicago has also made some improvement to its defense with Leonard Floyd and Kyle Fuller leading the D. But, Aaron Rodgers has something to prove this year and no doubt he’ll come out the gate running strong.

Pick: Packers -8 -110

Jets vs. Lions (-7 -105)

The Jets open the 2017 season with a Monday Night Football game under the direction of new head coach Matt Patricia, who is somewhat familiar with how the Jets’ organization work. However, there are still open questions on who will lead the New York’s offense at the quarterback position. Will it be Josh McCown, Teddy Bridgewater, or the newly signed Baker Mayfield? Too many captains on this ship to side with the Jets.

Pick: Lions -7 -105

Raiders vs. Rams (-3 -115)

We’re going to be treated to a double-header on the opening night of Monday Night Football, but while watching the Jets and Lions is intriguing, it’s the Rams vs. Raiders that’s going to be programmed on my TV. The Rams crushed it last year and had a breakout season even if they fizzled out in the playoffs. Conversely, the Raiders had a lot of expectations at the beginning of last season only to disappoint everyone. Hopefully, their newly appointed head coach, Jon Gruden, will set them back to winning ways.

Pick: Rams -3 -115

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