2019 NFL Combine

The 2019 NFL Combine Props Betting Odds

For those of you already missing NFL football, there’s still a betting bonanza left before the Draft. Get ready to place your bets on the NFL Combine, the event where college football players jump through hoops to showcase their skills.

You might not have known you can bet on this event’s participants, but there are dozens of props available to wager on.

2019 NFL Combine Props

Fastest 40-Yard Dash By Any Player

Over/Under 4.29 seconds

Highest Vertical Jump By Any Player

Over/Under 43.5 inches

Most Bench Presses By Any Player

Over/Under 40 bench press reps

Position of Player to Record Fastest 40-Yard Dash

  • Defensive Back +100
  • Wide Receiver +125
  • Running Back +175

Best 40 Time For A Particular Player

Rich Eisen Best 40 Time

Over/Under 6.02 seconds

Kyler Murray Best 40 Time

Over/Under 4.37 seconds

Bryce Love Best 40 Time

Over/Under 4.38 seconds

Trace McSorley Best 40 Time

Over/Under 4.65 seconds

Marquise “Hollywood” Brown Best 40 Time

Over/Under 4.39 seconds

D.K. Metcalf Best 40 Time

Over/Under 4.59 seconds

Dwayne Haskins Best 40 Time

Over/Under 4.71 seconds

Hunter Renfrow Best 40 Time

Over/Under 4.6 seconds

Josh Jacobs Best 40 Time

Over/Under 4.5 seconds

The tests go on over the next few days, there are still a few days left to bet on more props, but there’s no reason why you can’t bet on tonight’s participants.