2020 NFL Odds, Predictions, and Team Tiers

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2020 NFL Odds, Predictions, and Team Tiers

In the hard-hitting, high-paced, and fast-evolving style of the NFL, one year can make a difference between being a contender or being left out of the playoffs. You can fall from grace with the football gods or have yourself a fantastic offseason that boosts your hopes for success.

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With the Draft completed and all prospects ready to show their talents on the gridiron, it's time to look at the teams and our 2020 NFL odds and predictions. We will place them into the category each franchise is falling under for the 2020 season:

The categories:

  1. Top Contenders: to whom the Lombardi is the only thing that matters.
  2. Dark Horses: Great teams that can make the push, but are not entirely on the contenders level, on paper.
  3. Best of the Rest: Teams that can make a deep playoff run without them being actual threats to the ones on the first tier.
  4. Stuck in the Mud: Teams that have enough talent to mess around and maybe finish .500, but their lack of pieces and strange decision making makes them be in a disadvantageous position.
  5. Rebuilders: Teams that are starting to form a new project with rookies or young players. Will see them getting better in the coming years.
  6. Are we actually an NFL team?: Teams that seem to have no clue as to what they are doing, very bad but with no signs of rebuilding either.

Here is the ranking of the 32 franchises and their 2020 predictions for you to plan your bets at Betphoenix Sportsbook!

Top Contenders

Kansas City Chiefs (+500): Of course, the reigning champs are going to make a push for the Lombardi once again. Great coach, deep roster, and the best player on planet Earth.

Baltimore Ravens (+500): The best running game in the league and the reigning MVP Lamar Jackson with an improved defense, that's scary.

San Francisco 49ers (+850): Probably the best defense in the NFL. Just went to the Super Bowl and their team is loaded, no hangover here.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+900): If you somehow manage to go 7-9 with a QB that throws 30 interceptions, it means you have talent. If you change those 30 picks for Tom Brady and add Rob Gronkowski, you are a powerhouse.

New Orleans Saints (+1000): Losing the last three years in devastating fashion, the New Orleans Saints know it's now or never for them. Their roster is deep and talented. They are the team with the most pressure of this tier.

Dark Horses

Seattle Seahawks (+2100): You have a miracle maker in Russell Wilson paired with elite head coach Pete Carroll and a good running game, that's all you need to make some noise.

Minnesota Vikings (+3300): A high-end roster all-around, still going all the way to the Lombardi, seems a bit farfetched.

Green Bay Packers (+3500): Aaron Rodgers is still at Lambeau Field, and as long as he is healthy, you are on the run, it's as simple as that, even if your front office sabotages you in every way possible.

Indianapolis Colts (+2100): Just one year ago, before Andrew Luck retired, the Colts were a contender. Philip Rivers is not Luck, but sure is an upgrade on Jacoby Brissett, beware of the Colts.

Pittsburgh Steelers (+2500): Last year, they were the defense with the most sacks in the league. Oh, yes, and they have Big Ben Roethlisberger back.

Philadelphia Eagles (+2300): They were very injured last year, but Wentz has an outstanding cast around him, if healthy, they are dangerous.

Best of the Rest

Dallas Cowboys (+1700): New head coach and a solid team, somehow Dallas has managed to disappoint for the last 25 years, but they are a good franchise.

Buffalo Bills (+2100): Great defense, ascending QB, amazing receiving corp, and greatly coached, the Bills are for real this year.

Tennessee Titans (+3000): Shocking everyone by getting into the AFC Final last year, Tennessee has weapons, they will go to the playoffs, probably by having another nine-wins season.

Los Angeles Chargers (+5500): We advise not to sleep on the Chargers, they have a deep, good-quality roster with a new QB under center in rookie Justin Herbert, a team to watch.

Cleveland Browns (+2700): If you look at the talent, they should be dark horses, but the mess in the front office and yet again face the season with a rookie head coach leaves some room for doubt.

Arizona Cardinals (+5000): A good QB with the two safest pairs of hands of all time, probably, in Larry Fitzgerald and DeAndre Hopkins. Arizona also drafted a beast in Isaiah Simmons. Good times for the Cards.

Stuck in the Mud

New York Jets (+10000): One of the worst front offices in the NFL. The Jets roster has good talent but is held back by one of the most incompetent head coaches in the league, no hopes for them.

New England Patriots (+2800): Best coach of all time, good defense, but an absolute mockery of offense with no talent besides Julian Edelman.

Houston Texans (+9500): Talk about a team that shoots itself on its foot. What do you do when you have a generational talent like Deshaun Watson? According to Bill O'Brien, you trade his best weapon and acquire a washed-up running back. What a travesty.

Atlanta Falcons (+4500): Solid offense, incomplete defense, and a dubious head coach that hasn't rebounded from the 28-3 comeback he suffered four years ago in the Super Bowl.

Los Angeles Rams (+3800): Weird spot for the Rams. They have talent, but they tied themselves by giving them huge contracts and having little to no draft picks. Can they try to compete? Sure. Are they stuck in the mud, though? Definitely.

Las Vegas Raiders (+8000): Had a plethora of picks, didn't use them wisely. New city, a tough spot for the Raiders who have more doubts than certainties, including Derek Carr's situation.

Chicago Bears (+6700): The offense is not one that will cause wonders. The defense, however, is strong enough to make them win a few games. 


Miami Dolphins (+10000): Miami has done everything right in this off-season, but it is still a couple of years from really competing at the top.

Cincinnati Bengals (+11000): The Bengals have formed a great offense with Joe Burrow under center, Joe Mixon in the backfield, and AJ Green and Tee Higgins downfield, that is set. Next year is to reform the defense, and Cincy is good to go for the future.

Carolina Panthers (+18000): They are just starting the rebuild, no more Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly for Carolina. Matt Rhule is the new head coach and he knows how to rebuild, but there is little to no talent in this team besides Christian McCaffrey and Robbie Anderson.

Denver Broncos (+5000): Denver finally made it. They had a good draft and are getting the right talent. They also have leaders in defense like Von Miller and Bradley Chubb and is a matter of one or two seasons before they take the team onto higher places.

Are we actually an NFL team?

Washington Redskins (+22500): New head coach Ron Rivera is an excellent addition, so is the selection of Chase Young, but this team is dreadful, aging, and doesn't even have a decent QB to start dreaming of something. 

Jacksonville Jaguars (+35000): We really don't see this team winning three games this season. Jacksonville is very good at having talent and inexplicably get them shipped for a box of cookies. The front office is quite negligent, a problematic position for a team that, in 2017, reached the AFC Final.

New York Giants (+14500): Maybe we are too harsh on the Giants as they acquired solid defensive players and have an elite running back. But we are not sold on Daniel Jones, not sold on Joe Judge as a novice head coach, and certainly not sold on David Gettleman and his job as GM. 

Detroit Lions (+9000): Detroit is a tough one! Matthew Stafford has a fantastic receiving corp, from wideouts to tight ends. But no offensive line, no defensive prowess, and the worst head coach in the NFL. They have wasted Stafford's prime, unbelievable.

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