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2021 NFL Schedule: Best Game of Each Week

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2021 NFL Schedule: Best Game of Each Week

The 2021 NFL schedule is out, and this only means we're getting closer and closer to the kick-off. Well, it's still a couple of months away, but hey, let us dream! With the games up, we can start marking our betting calendars and see what game is the highlight of each of the 18 weeks of the 2021 NFL regular season!

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Week 1: Browns at Chiefs

The Cleveland Browns enter the 2021 NFL season as dark horses, and their talent is one to watch. Unfortunately for Baker Mayfield and company, they have to visit Arrowhead against Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs, who are nearly unbeatable in September.

Can Mayfield, Odell Beckham Jr, Nick Chubb, Jarvis Landry, and the rest of the Browns put the Chiefs in trouble? It's very possible, but the Chiefs are coming with a vengeance after a Super Bowl blowout against them. Easily the game of the week.

Other great games include: Buccaneers vs. Cowboys, Colts vs. Seahawks, Bills vs. Steelers, and Patriots vs. Dolphins.

Week 2: Chiefs at Ravens

Not the easiest of starts for Kansas City, huh? This game is a must-watch for many reasons. First and foremost, two Super Bowl contenders are facing off.

Lamar Jackson has a 0-3 record against Patrick Mahomes and hopes the fourth time is the charm to beat him.

Other great games include: Colts vs. Rams, Dolphins vs. Bills, Seahawks vs. Titans, Chargers vs. Cowboys.

Week 3: Packers at 49ers

The recent history between these two is quite the ride. They faced twice in 2019. Both times, San Francisco destroyed the Packers. Once was in the NFC Championship game.

In 2020, the Niners were severely injured, and Aaron Rodgers didn't miss the chance to put on a clinic and get revenge. Now, with both teams healthy -fingers crossed- they should put on a show at the gridiron.

Other great games include: Chiefs vs. Chargers, Browns vs. Bears, Bills vs. Washington, Titans vs. Colts, Patriots vs. Saints, Rams vs. Buccaneers.

Week 4: Buccaneers at Patriots

Alright, this shouldn't even have to be explained. Tom Brady returns to Foxborough as a champ to face Bill Belichick and a revamped Patriots squad. Need anything else?

Other great games include: Dolphins vs. Colts, 49ers vs. Seahawks, Rams vs. Cardinals, Packers vs. Steelers.

Week 5: Bills at Chiefs

The two most favored AFC teams by the odds face off on Primetime; what's not to love? Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen going at it in a shootout with two of the most electrifying receiving corps in the NFL? Where do I sign?

Other great games include: Seahawks vs. Rams, Buccaneers vs. Dolphins, Chargers vs. Browns, Cowboys vs. Giants, Cardinals vs. 49ers, Ravens vs. Colts.

Week 6: Chargers at Ravens

Justin Herbert vs. Lamar Jackson? Oh yeah, that's one to watch. The contrast in this game is just fantastic—an elite running game by Baltimore against a high-flying offense relying on the bazooka arm of Justin Herbert.

Add loads of defensive talent to each side, and we have a very close game in hand.

Other great games include: Washington vs. Chiefs, Bears vs. Packers, Browns vs. Cardinals, Patriots vs. Cowboys, Steelers vs. Seahawks, Titans vs. Bills.

Week 7: 49ers at Colts

Two of the most complete rosters in the NFL are going at it. This is what football is all about. Great pass rush, great running games, well-rounded talent, and two QBs fighting to prove their worth to the league. The Lucas Oil Stadium will witness a helluva game.

Other great games include: Titans vs. Chiefs, Packers vs. Washington, Rams vs. Lions, Buccaneers vs. Bears, Seahawks vs. Saints.

Week 8: Packers at Cardinals

Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams against Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins. Talk about an explosive matchup here. Two of the biggest offenses in the NFL will collide.

How will Rodgers fare against JJ Watt and Chandler Jones hunting his head down? Will Rodgers even be in Green Bay? Will Kliff Kingsbury botch the game plan for the Cardinals, or will he exploit their talents? The stories around this game are never-ending.

Other great games include: Colts vs. Titans, Bills vs. Dolphins, Browns vs. Steelers, Bears vs. 49ers, Chargers vs. Patriots, Saints vs. Buccaneers. 

Week 9: Packers at Chiefs

Aaron Rodgers vs. Patrick Mahomes? Yes, please. At this point, it's time to beg Aaron Rodgers to stay at Green Bay at least one season more to see this matchup, right? Right?

Other great games include: Browns at Bengals, Titans at Rams, Patriots at Panthers.

Week 10: Rams at 49ers

Two of the most elite defensive units in the NFL collide in a divisional rivalry. Two revamped offenses go face-to-face. This game screams ballistic all over it, and that's what the NFL is all about.

Other great games: Saints at Titans, Seahawks at Packers, Falcons at Cowboys, Panthers at Cardinals, Ravens at Dolphins.

Week 11: Colts at Bills

The AFC dark horse against a Super Bowl contender in the cold weather of Buffalo in a rematch of last year's Super Wild Card game, what's not to be excited for?

Other great games: Cowboys at Chiefs, Packers at Vikings, Ravens at Bears, Seahawks at Cardinals.

Week 12: Buccaneers at Colts

Tom Brady is coming back to Indianapolis. If you recall, Indianapolis' most hated man is Brady. He single-handedly prevented Manning and the Colts from winning infinite Super Bowls. Imagine him coming back with yet another Super Bowl ring against a Colts team who should be competing for the AFC South title.

Other great games: Browns at Ravens, Bills at Saints, Eagles at Giants, Rams at Packers, Vikings at 49ers.

Week 13: Ravens at Steelers

Nothing quite like an old-fashioned AFC North rivalry at the peak of the season on Heinz Field. Two strong teams face off with more than seeding to fight for. The Ravens and Steelers never disappoint when it comes to violence and intensity.

Other great games: Cowboys at Saints, Chargers at Bengals, Jaguars at Rams, 49ers at Seahawks, Patriots at Bills.

Week 14: Bills at Buccaneers

The two deepest receiving corps in football facing off in a Week 14 encounter is why the NFL is so awesome. Expect a big shootout at the Raymond James Stadium.

Other great games: Bears at Packers, Ravens at Browns, Rams at Cardinals, Raiders at Chiefs.

Week 15: Seahawks at Rams

These two franchises never deliver a boring contest. They usually go to the wire. Russell Wilson being magical from scrambles with Nick Bosa hunting him down? Let's go.

Other great games: Chiefs at Chargers, Packers at Ravens, Falcons at 49ers, Titans at Steelers, Saints at Buccaneers, Cowboys at Giants.

Week 16: Jaguars at Jets

The No.1 overall pick Trevor Lawrence faces the No.2 overall pick, Zach Wilson. It's unbelievable to say, considering it's the Jaguars and the Jets we're talking about here, but this is a must-watch.

Other great games49ers at Titans, Browns at Packers, Colts at Cardinals, Steelers at Chiefs, Football Team at Cowboys, Dolphins at Saints.

Week 17: Rams at Ravens

The best rushing offense of 2020 hosting the best defense of 2020. Just picture this, Lamar Jackson running and Aaron Donald coming full head of steam trying to rip him apart. Absolute pleasure,

Other great games: Dolphins at Titans, Chiefs at Bengals, Cardinals at Cowboys, Browns at Steelers, Jaguars at Patriots.

Week 18: Seahawks at Cardinals

It's not a typo guy, Week 18 is real! The Seahawks play the strangest games in the NFL, including in the last game of the season. These two NFC West rivals will be battling for a playoff spot or playoff seeding in January, and that's a fun sight to see. 

Other great games: Cowboys at Eagles, 49ers at Rams, Steelers at Ravens, Bengals at Browns, Patriots at Dolphins, Chargers at Raiders

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