Introducing Unique Game and Player Props for All NFL Games

Introducing Unique Game and Player Props for All NFL Games

You’re going to love this:

We at are adding game props for all NFL games!

Let us explain: These awesome props were designed so that you can make every single game even more exciting.


Game Props

This is the list of the exclusive game props we’ll have available for every single NFL match:

  • 1 - Team to score first points of game
  • 2 - First score of the game will be
  • 3 - Will there be any score in the final 2 minutes of the 1st Half?
  • 4 - Will there be more points scored in the 1st or 2nd Half
  • 5 - Total field goals made in the game
  • 6- Longest field goal made by either team
  • 7- Total QB sacks in the game
  • 8 - Total punts by both teams
  • 9 - Will either team score 3 unanswered times in game
  • 10 - Will there be a defensive or special teams TD
  • 11 - Will game go into OT?
  • 12 - Team to score first wins the game
  • 13- Longest Touchdown made by either team
  • 14 - Total Touchdowns made in the game
  • 15 - Will there be a safety scored
  • 16 - Team to call 1st Timeout

And we’re not through yet, as it gets even better!

We’re not only offering match props, but also player props, available the day of the game…


Game-Day Player Props

Here’s a list of our game-day player props (Player must start for action):

  • Longest Completion
  • Total Completions
  • Total Passing Yards
  • Total Receiving Yards
  • Total Receiving Yards
  • Total Receptions
  • Total Receptions
  • Total Rushing Yards
  • Total Touchdown Passes

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