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NFL Testing N95 Facemask for 2020 Season

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NFL Testing N95 Facemask

Even though sports are getting back into our TVs, athletes are still humans and are exposed to Covid, especially when competing in a full-contact sport. So, in an alliance with Oakley, the NFL is, according to multiple reports, testing helmets that include face masks with surgical or N95 material.

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There is still no word as to what the new N95 material visors will look, although it has been said -by NFL Players Association's medical director Thom Mayer, that the design is something neither players nor fans are accustomed to.

According to Mayer, the prototype would be covering the entire face mask with surgical mask material.

That's only one of the many changes that the NFL will have in this season. "...Getting the helmet off, putting a mask on right afterward, maintaining social distancing when not in the field as much as possible, using single-use hydration -- whether water or Gatorade, whatever it might be -- I mean, just every little detail," said Mayer.

This mask will not be the only change as it is very likely that the games will be held behind closed doors.

It remains to be seen as to what the measures will be, but it will probably be more evident when we are closer to the start of the season.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the tightfitting N95 respirator mask is the most effective, filtering at least 95 percent of large and small airborne particles. This is good for NFL players because they already have some lack of room for oxygen, and this will ease the concern of having less space to breathe as well.

The N95 mask minimizes the risk against large droplets, splashes, or hazardous fluids, that, with Covid, can harm the players.

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The NFL will suffer changes, as will all sports, but they have the time to try and implement new changes, new helmets, and more protective equipment for the players. 

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