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NHL Stanley Cup Finals Betting Preview: Blues Favorites to Win Game 3

NHL Stanley Cup Finals Betting Preview: Blues Favorites to Win Game 3

If you’re ready for some hockey wagering action, this NHL Stanley Cup Finals Betting Preview is exactly what you need!

These NHL finals are getting very exciting, with the Bruins winning game two, and the Blues putting things 1-1 after acquiring a 3-2 overtime win.

And this road victory for St. Louis can prove crucial, as the series is now headed to Enterprise Center for games 3 and 4.

On the other hand, the Bruins are now forced to win at least one of those games in St. Louis, because if the Blues win their two home games, they’ll be just one game away from making franchise history.

And there’s a lot of excitement in St. Louis! Proof of this are the words of Blues captain Alex Pietrangelo: "Just look at what happened last night. They're selling the building out and we're not even there. So we're pretty excited to get back here and show the fans what we can do." He said.

NHL Stanley Cup Finals Betting Preview: The Predictions

St. Louis is a team with a lot of depth, and they have shown the ability to capitalize on momentum during the NHL postseason.

When it comes to defense, the Blues were quite solid during match two, preventing Boston from scoring any goals during the first period of the game.

And playing at home ice, their defense is likely to continue to excel, especially if Vince Dunn returns to action.

The defenseman hasn’t been active since May 25, when he got a mouth injury during game 3 of the Western Conference Final versus the Sharks.

But if Dunn returns to action, the Blues will have a difficult decision about who can go out to make space for him.

And chances are that such man is going to be Carl Gunnarsson, who replaced Dunn when he got injured…

Our Prediction: The Blues just got a road victory, and they’ll be playing two straight at home, with the hopes of getting a historical result…

So, we’re giving this one to the Blues as a top series underdog…

If you enjoyed our NHL Stanley Cup Finals Betting Preview, the next step is to let us know who you think the winner is going to be, so check out our live NHL lines, and get your action… Best of luck!