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Japan Still Planning 'Complete' Tokyo 2020 Olympics

2020 was going to be an exciting year regarding sports. Every four years, the Olympic Games steamroll over whatever is happening in the world and focus millions of people's attention on their fascinating blend of sports, shows, and magical moments.

Unfortunately, Covid-19's outbreak has made everything an incognita. This was made worse because the outbreak started in Asia, where Japan is located, and where their capital Tokyo is going to host the historic games.

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Scheduled to extend from July 24th to August 9th, Olympics CEO Toshiro Muto reaffirmed the Games are still on, still on the go, and no change whatsoever to the calendar has been made as of now. This is huge news. For one, athletes are complaining, since they can't train properly or feel they are being endangered by the International Olympics Committee (IOC). 

Not only this, but the geographic position also causes a lot of doubts for the athletes. It's very near to the epicenter of the virus, and that is a sure concern for everyone involved.

IOC urged the athletes and sports commissions involved to keep calm and mostly remind there are still four months to go for the Olympics to happen.

Despite IOC's President Thomas Bach's comments about being in touch with over 200 athletes representatives and that their primary focus is "the safeguarding and health of the athletes and contributing to the containment of the virus," many athletes have called out Bach for not postponing or canceling the Olympics.

Even if Japan, the IOC, and every organizer party are in favor, and optimistic about the Tokyo Games taking place, the fact of the matter is that athletes are not. 

They are the ones that put the show, the effort, the sweat. And they don't feel safe, they feel under pressure, uncomfortable, unhappy and unprepared to attend the world's largest agglomeration of elite sports. And whether you are on the organization's party or not, there's no denying that coronavirus has already taken a toll in this year's Olympics.

The traditional Olympic torch handover that starts from Athens and goes all around to the host city is held behind close doors. So no, the Olympics aren't strangers to Covid's impact. 

This idea of keeping the dates still is also going to affect seriously the Olympics. Let's say it all goes well and the coronavirus disipates on time. Most of the leagues around the world will resume and collide in schedules with the Olympics. This means not only a battle of ratings, but a losing battle most surely.

Let's take basketball, for example. They want to resume by mid-June, so their season would be in the playoffs when the Olympics start. So the United States and many other countries whose best players indeed perform in the NBA won't attend the Olympics, meaning less quality games, fewer ratings, and even less prestige for the gold medal. 

This is not definitive, and it can probably change whether we see how the virus is contained or not. But for now, this is surely unpopular.