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Trump vs Biden 2020 US Presidential Elections Betting Odds

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Trump vs Biden 2020 US Presidential Elections Betting Odds

After the first presidential debate, one thing is clear, this is going to be madness and the 2020 US Presidental Elections betting odds can change from one debate to the next. While Donald Trump's Odds and the Republicans Odds place them as underdogs, they continue to seek a second consecutive mandate at The Office, in the meantime, Joe Biden Odds place him as the favorite to win the elections as he looks to bring the Democrats back to the White House.

But we are not here to talk politics. We are here to gamble on them because "yes! We can!" Here's everything you need to know about the 2020 US Presidential Elections Betting Odds.

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When are the elections taking place?

Of course, to bet on something, you should know when the event is taking place. Well, the elections are no different. Less than 30 days are remaining for the United States to elect their president on November 3, 2020.

How many debates are there left?

The first and only debate between current VP Mike Pence and Biden's running candidate, Kamala Harris, is set for October 7 at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City in Kingsbury Hall on President's Circle.

The second presidential candidates' debate will happen on October 15, at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in Miami. The final debate will occur on October 22 when Trump and Biden meet for the last time at Belmont University in Nashville.

Where can I watch the Debates?

You can watch the VP debate on C-Span Livestream

For the Miami debate, C-Span will also be live-streaming it. The debate will also be available on any of the major news networks. The same applies to the last debate in Nashville.

How was the first debate?

Well, as mentioned in the intro, it was an absolute mess. An actual analyst called it a sh*tshow on live tv, so you can imagine how it went. Both Trump and Biden acted childish at times, spoke over each other, didn't obey to time limits, and quite frankly when it was all over, the overall sentiment is both candidates have a long way to go.

Who is going to moderate the debates?

After Chris Wallace moderated the first debate, it will be the time for Susan Page, USA Today's Washington bureau chief, the one to be in the middle of the vice-presidents-to-be.

For the next debate involving the madness that was Trump and Biden, Steve Scully, the political editor at C-SPAN, will moderate a town-hall-esque event with undecided voters from South Florida. Scully will have an additional minute per question to prompt further discussion if he considers it appropriate.

Last but not least, Kristen Welker, NBC News White House correspondent and co-anchor of "Weekend Today" will have to deal with the candidates for one last time before the elections.

What topics will they discuss in the debates?

As of yet, no topics have been undisclosed, as they will be shown days before each of the debates.

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How many US 2020 Election betting options can I find in BetPhoenix?

At the time of writing, you can vote on:

  • US Odds To Win The Presidential Election- All In
  • US Presidential Election 2020 - Winning Party
  • What Will Be The Electoral College Margin?
  • US 2020 Presential Election - To Win Popular Vote

For more detailed information about every one of these categories, scroll down.

What are the "US Odds To Win The Presidential Election- All In"?

Active president Donald Trump is a slight underdog, listed at +130, to be reelected for another term at the White House.

Democrat rival, Joe Biden, is the odds-on favorite at -170. These odds can move heavily after the next debates, depending on how well the candidates look, interact, and control the topics discussed.

What are the "US Presidential Election 2020 - Winning Party" odds?

As this result comes merged with the president elected, it comes as no surprise the parties' odds are very similar to the ones found in the leading candidates.

The Democrat Party is the favorite at -165. While the Republicans trail as slight underdogs, the Grand Old Party is at +130.

What are the odds for the Electoral College Margin?

We have plenty of odds for you in this one:

GOP BY 280+ +1500

GOP BY 210 - 279 +1800

GOP BY 150 - 209 +1100

GOP BY 100 - 149 +750

GOP BY 60 - 99 +700

GOP BY 30 - 59 +1500

GOP BY 10 - 29 +2300

GOP BY 0 - 9 +2200

DEMS BY 1 - 9 +2800

DEMS BY 10 - 29 +2300

DEMS BY 30 - 59 +1500

DEMS BY 60 - 99 +1000

DEMS BY 100 - 149 +500

DEMS BY 150 - 299 +500

DEMS BY 210 - 279 +700

DEMS BY 280+ +700

What are the odds for "US 2020 Presential Election - To Win Popular Vote"?

Joe Biden gains an enormous margin in the odds here, being the massive favorite at -730. Meanwhile, current President Donald Trump is the underdog at +450 to win the popular vote representing the Republican Party.

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