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UFC 190 Shockers: Rousey vs Correia

UFC 190 Shockers: Rousey vs Correia

A storm is a-brewin’ in the upcoming UFC 190 as the women’s bantamweight title is up for grabs and defending champion Ronda “The Arm Collector” Rousey faces Brazilian challenger Bethe Correia. 

For UFC fans that have grown accustomed to seeing Rousey destroy her opponents, doing away with them with quick arm-bars that end things in the starting minutes of the first round (her past three bouts have lasted a combined 96 seconds), there’s something different for this Rousey vs Correia fight, the champ wants to punish Correia…bad. 

It seems that after comments made by Correia to the effect that Rousey should not kill herself after losing the title, Rousey now wants to prolong the bout only to punish Correia. Somebody should have told Correia that Rousey’s father had committed suicide when she was 8 years old. 

Of course, the UFC 190 odds favor Rousey heavily, being the 17-1 favorite over Correia. This means that bookmakers believe that there’s a 95% chance of Rousey winning the fight. Having a record of 11-0 in MMA, and 5-0 in the UFC against Correia’s 9-0 in MMA, 3-0 in the UFC, also means that this may be a one-sided Rousey UFC fight. 

Female UFC fights may seem a bit lopsided at the moment, Rousey’s dominance in the cage is nothing short of historic. Even she admits that she doesn’t know what this could mean in terms of viewership of women’s UFC fights. "I get really mixed feedback [on that], it's 50-50," Rousey said. "People ask, 'Can you break your own record? Can you do it faster?' Or it's, 'Can you make it longer?' I think people are aware they are watching history. Even if it's a short fight, it's a historic fight. If you were around back when [boxing heavyweight champion] Mike Tyson was in his prime, knocking people out right away, and you couldn't tell your friends you saw it because you decided you had better thing to do, you would feel like an idiot.

"What people are seeing is the absolute peak of the athletic woman's potential and that is always worth the money."

As betting on the UFC grows, we’re pretty sure that this Rousey UFC fight should be a lock if you’re laying your money on the champ. Anywhere that Rousey fights, the money follows. Her last appearance, at UFC 184 in Los Angeles, produced an announced gate of $2.675 million and reportedly drew the largest pay-per-view number of her career in an event she has headlined.

This does makes one wonder though, if Rousey is getting her due as a professional fighter in the UFC. Especially considering the latest controversy surrounding the fair market value of UFC fighters in the UFC, as mentioned in the recent class action lawsuit filed against the UFC on Tuesday in Northern California. The suit alleges that the UFC is a federal monopoly under anti-trust law. But this is quite another subject. 

Regardless of an eager Correia, who got into MMA as a way to lose weight and accepted a pro bout with less than one year of training, it’s unlikely that we’ll see any surprises in this fight, even with Rousey’s promise to extend the time it takes her to finish her opponent off. 
What’s my take on the Rousey vs Correia fight? You don’t need to be an expert to make a call, it’s Rousey’s Octagon and my money is on the champ. 

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