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XFL Betting Odds 2020 Information and Game Schedules

XFL Betting Odds 2020 Information and Game Schedules

XFL Betting Odds 2020: What is the XFL?

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The XFL is the newest American football league! This is a project by Alpha Entertainment, a company owned by Vince McMahon, of WWE fame.

The XFL incarnation of 2001 was actually operated by the WWE, and it featured a lot of its entertainment flair.

And, according to many, a focus on such off-field gimmicks and not so much on real football is what sent the league directly on a clash with its own self-destruction.

Needless to say, McMahon learned the lesson. Now the focus is fully on football, and the former head of the WWE just hopes this is going to be a project that will be able to compete directly with the NFL in relation to attracting lots of fans.

When it comes to the playoffs, this new league follows a championship model, where the two best teams in their respective divisions play each other.

And the big winner will be raising the XFL football trophy at the end of the season.

XFL Betting Odds 2020: The Teams

When it comes to the American Football League, each team is owned separately, and run like a private company.

The XFL, on the other hand, is a single entity that owns and operates all 8 teams. And, there’s also an extra “farm team” only known as “Team 9.”

These are the team names from each respective division:

West Division

  • Dallas Renegades
  • Houston Roughnecks
  • Los Angeles Wildcats
  • Seattle Dragons

East Division

  • DC Defenders
  • New York Guardians
  • St. Louis BattleHawks
  • Tampa Bay Vipers

XFL Betting Odds 2020: Players and Compensation

Contrary to the NFL, where each team works out separate deals for each individual player, the XFL works with a standard contract that pays a total of $2,725 per week to every single player on an active roster.

$1,040 is guaranteed, and an extra $2,222 is applied to the final sum as a victory bonus for the players from winning teams at the end of each active week.

What’s great about the XFL is that player contracts expire every season, and so this allows players to sign with a different XFL team, or to head to the NFL, which is the path many future XFL players are likely to be following.

There’s also the option of signing players long-term, and this will allow those signing such contracts to obtain extra bonuses based on loyalty.

XFL Betting Odds 2020: Can This League Survive?

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Although the XFL started Week 1 with the right foot, there are a few things the league needs to change if they are to survive long-term.

3 Must-Needed Crucial Changes

Let’s check out 3 crucial changes the XFL needs to make if they want to keep the positive buzz going:

3. Smaller Stadiums:

A switch from large venues such as MetLife Stadium to smaller ones such as soccer fields can be just the right move for this league right now.

The first game of the NY Guardians at MetLife was observed by more than 17,000 fans.

This is a large number of people, but not large enough for an NFL stadium.

So, by switching to a small venue, stadiums will look full, giving every single game a much needed elite atmosphere.

If the league continues to grow, so will its fan base, and that means that they will be able to play at NFL-size stadiums later on, but not just right now.

2. More Rule Changes

Before the current XFL season started, the league applied some changes to make it a bit different from the NFL.

But, since the talent level is not as near the same as in the National Football League, XFL rules must reflect this, or at least try to mask it.

And so, if the talent level is lower, the consequences will be fatal if more rule switches aren’t made.

That is because soon enough this league will look like the NFL, only worse in talent. And that can lead people to perceive the XFL as minor league football, and both interest in the sport and Vince McMahon’s funds will be gone.

1. Every Team Needs a Star

Although the XFL has stated that they lack the funds to bring in some really talented stars, they will need to reach deeper into their pockets if they want this project to really work.

It’s simple: If Colin Kaepernick and Johnny Manziel are on the gridiron instead of Brandon Silvers or Phillip Nelson, people will definitely tune in.

Let’s look at the MLS for an example: When this league started developing, they hired veteran soccer players with legendary names.

So, if the XFL is willing to invest a few million dollars in guys such as Dez Bryant, this will create the right buzz, and viewer ratings will continue to soar.

XFL Betting Odds 2020: Season Structure

The XFL will run for a total of ten weeks, with each team playing every team in their division two times, once at home, and once on the road. And they will also play once versus the remaining teams in the league once.

There are four games every single week during the season, and these take place on weekends as primetime doubleheaders.

TV Schedule (All Games on ABC or ESPN):

This is the ABC / ESPN TV Schedule for each one of the upcoming games:

Week 1:

  • Saturday, February 8: Seattle Dragons vs DC Defenders 2pm ET
  • Sunday, February 9: St Louis BattleHawks vs Dallas Renegades 5pm ET

Week 2:

  • Saturday, February 15: New York Guardians vs DC Defenders 2pm ET
  • Sunday, February 16: Dallas Renegades vs Los Angeles Wildcats 3pm ET

Week 3:

  • Saturday, February 22: Houston Roughnecks vs Tampa Bay Vipers 2pm ET
  • Sunday, February 23: New York Guardians vs St Louis BattleHawks 3pm ET

Week 4:

  • Saturday, February 29: Los Angeles Wildcats vs New York Guardians 2pm ET
  • Sunday, March 1: DC Defenders vs Tampa Bay Vipers 7pm ET

Week 5:

  • Saturday, March 7: Seattle Dragons vs Houston Roughnecks 2pm ET
  • Sunday, March 8: Tampa Bay Vipers vs Los Angeles Wildcats 9pm ET

Week 6:

  • Saturday, March 14: Houston Roughnecks vs New York Guardians 2pm ET
  • Sunday, March 15: Los Angeles Wildcats vs Seattle Dragons 7pm ET

Week 7:

  • Saturday, March 21: Dallas Renegades vs Tampa Bay Vipers 2pm ET
  • Sunday, March 22: New York Guardians vs Seattle Dragons 3pm ET

Week 8:

  • Saturday, March 28: Tampa Bay Vipers vs DC Defenders 2pm ET
  • Sunday, March 29: Houston Roughnecks vs Los Angeles Wildcats 3pm ET

Week 9:

  • Saturday, April 4: DC Defenders vs New York Guardians 2pm ET
  • Sunday, April 5: Tampa Bay Vipers vs Dallas Renegades 12pm ET

Week 10:

  • Saturday, April 11: Houston Roughnecks vs Seattle Dragons 2pm ET
  • Sunday, April 12: DC Defenders vs Dallas Renegades 3pm ET / New York Guardian vs Tampa Bay Vipers TBD

Playoffs: Saturday, April 18 and Sunday, April 19

Championship: Sunday, April 26

XFL Betting Odds 2020: Sports Betting

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The XFL is definitely going to be popular with football bettors, and this will be even more true if rules continue to change, favoring a larger number of props.

And so, which teams are favorites to get the XFL Championship title after its first season?

Houston Roughnecks

Quarterback PJ Walker was amazing during Week 1, throwing for four passing touchdowns, and this outstanding performance is allowing this team to climb to the top of favorites for the title over the DC Defenders.

Walker is just 5’11, but his small size hasn’t been a problem when it comes to performing at his very best.

But Walker wasn’t the only Houston player to put up a phenomenal performance as teammate Kony Ealy also had a great game, terrorizing the Wildcats offensively with his great skills, which he cultivated in the NFL as he used to play for the Carolina Panthers. Did somebody say Defensive Player of the Year?

DC Defenders

After the Roughnecks, the very next favorites to get the first XFL trophy are the DC Defenders.

And this is much in part thanks to quarterback Cardale Jones, who played great versus the Dragons.

Jones used to play college football at Ohio State, and as a player for the Buckeyes, and on his first XFL contest, he completed 62% of his passes and rushed for 28 yards on 8 carries.

Now, there’s just too much football left in the current XFL season, and this short list of favorites can change, or become even stronger. Only time will tell!

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