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NFL Handicapping Contest!

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Become a handicapper with our NFL Season Long Handicapping Contest!

This football season, be the handicapper and win BIG cash prices every week with our NFL Season Long Handicapping Contest! The Handicap Contest consists of filling the weekly survey selecting all picks against the spread (ATS) from each week NFL Sunday slate, and the one who ends up with the highest score wins. 

Get your hot streak on! Enjoy the football season with your usual action and with this exciting contest.

Only BetPhoenix doubles down on the NFL excitement!



Week 2 of the NFL Handicapping Contest Winners:


BP379911$450  Cash  4x
BP229372$225  Cash  4x
PC20323$112  Cash  4x
BP229044$112  Cash  4x



  1. The NFL Season Long Handicapping Contest goes from Week 1 to Week 18 of the 2021 NFL regular season. The NFL playoffs do not count.
  2. The entry process opens on Tuesday's and ends after the first Sunday game kickoff every week.
  3. The participants must have an active BetPhoenix account to participate in the Handicapping Contest.
  4. Contestants must make a qualifying deposit of $200 or more to be able to enter the NFL Season Long Handicapping Contest every week.


  1. Place a $200 or more deposit.
  2. Log in to your account, 
  3. Click on the "Contest Tab" and fill out the survey for that week.
  4. Win!


The NFL Season Long Handicapping Contest weekly prize structure is as follows:

Place Prize

  1. 1st Place – Wins 50% of the total pool prize money.
  2. 2nd Place – Wins 50% of the remaining money pool
  3. 3rd and 4th - Split the remaining money pool.


Claim the top weekly cash prize and bragging rights as the BEST handicapper! Throughout the football season, any deposit of $200 or more will earn you the right to participate in our NFL Season Long Handicapping Contest, where you be able to select and pick all Sunday NFL games against the spread (ATS), the handicapper with most winning picks will WIN the weekly cash prize.


  1. Contestants can participate in the NFL Season Long Handicapping Contest by placing a qualifying deposit of $200 or more each week. Example. If you place a $200+ deposit in Week 1 of the NFL season, you earn the right to fill up the weekly contest survey entering your picks for that week, but if you don't place a qualifying deposit for Week 2 of the NFL season, you won't be able to participate that week.
  2. The contest will re-open every Tuesday. At this time, you will be able to make your selection(s) for the week's upcoming games.
  3. The prize is a progressive price pool and will go up to $500 every week. See the price pool structure above.
  4. In a result of a tie, the weekly progressive prize will be split. There are no tie-breaker questions. If there are ties for any prizes, the money will be split evenly among all tied contestants.
  5. Entrants must select and make their picks against the spread (ATS) on ALL games from the correspondent week.
  6. The spread is determined by the odds available at the time in the Betphoenix.ag Sportsbook.
  7. The NFL Season Long Handicapping Contest selections can only be made online. You cannot make picks via phone, chat, or email.
  8. The selected pick will be saved with the odds available at the time of selection.
  9. All picks are final and can't be changed.
  10. Only Sunday games, including Sunday Night Football, will count for the NFL Season Long Handicapping Contest.
  11. In case a game is canceled, the pick will be deemed as a loss.
  12. Players earn one (1) point for every winning pick. A push will be counted as a loss.
  13. Contestants must fill the entire week survey to earn the most point as you will only receive points for the chosen games.
  14. If the contestant (s) fails to submit any picks for the week, it will not receive any points and therefore forfeit the entry to the contest for that week.
  15. Contestants can only submit their weekly picks once per week. Entries are not accumulative and won't carry over. If you don't submit your picks on the specific week, the entry is forfeited. Example: You place a qualifying $200 deposit for Week 1 of the NFL season, and you don't enter the NFL Season Long Handicapping Contest for that week, your entry will be forfeited and will need to place a $200 or more qualifying deposit for Week 2 of the NFL season in order to be able to submit the picks for that week.
  16. Contestants can't select the same team twice or choose both teams on the same game on a single entry.
  17. If a game is canceled and/or postponed, the game must be played by Tuesday of the next week to earn points in the NFL Season Long Handicapping Contest; otherwise, it will be deemed a loss.
  18. Prize money will be credited into the contestant's Betphoenix.ag accounts within 48 hours of any prize being won.
  19. Prizes are non-transferable.
  20. The weekly cash prize is a progressive pool and goes up to $500.
  21. Cash prizes carry a 4x rollover.
  22. Betphoenix.ag, at its discretion, may adjust the weekly selection requirements or grading in the event of a widespread technical issue that affects contestants' ability to make selections.
  23. Betphoenix.ag reserves the right to alter or amend the Terms and Conditions of this contest at any time, without notice.
  24. Betphoenix.ag reserves the right to stop/cancel this contest without notice.


  1. Promotion intended for recreational players only.
  2. One (1) selection/entry valid per qualifying deposit per week.
  3. This promotion carries a two-week hold.
  4. The promotion is available for customers on regular juice lines.
  5. Not valid for deposits made via credit card. Contact us for more information.
  6. Unused promotional credits will expire and be revoked after 90 days.
  7. BetPhoenix reserves the right to nullify or revoke bonuses at its discretion.
  8. Regular Free Play and Cash Bonus rules apply. Click here.
  9. Please review the house rules.

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