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Your BETPHOENIX accounts is your direct link to the fascinating and highly-rewarding world of sports betting. Join a vast community of sports fans in the United States, Asia and Latin America and gain instant access to one of the most complete sports odds collections on the planet. BETPHOENIX' Sports Betting Platform is easy to navigate and explore; browse through the sports categories menu to find all the different odds and betting options available for each discipline. Make use of your single balance account to place all your bets and cash out your wins in record time with our convenient payment methods.

BETPHOENIX is an industry-leading sports betting brand with a decade-long history of reliability and fine execution. It provides instant sports action for a wide array of sporting events that include the classic American Pro Football and Basketball leagues, the beloved MLB season, European and Latin American Soccer, the hottest Boxing matches and Mixed Martial Arts fights, Tennis Grand Slams, Golf Tournaments and much, much more. Increase your wins by adding new and challenging sports disciplines to your betslip; bet on the novel Esports matches or take a wild shot at our exclusive propositions.

Our players will find all the familiar and classic bet types like straight bets, parlays and one-way If bets, as well as more complex and challenging choices like the exciting Teaser bets, Round Robins and Reverses.

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Your single sports betting account can be used to place all your wagers; fund your account through one of our available funding options and start making your bets on the spot. Review your pending bets and stay on top of your games with the aid of our Sports Betting Platform

The Sports Betting Platform

BETPHOENIX's Sports Betting Menu can be accessed through a regular browser in your home computer or mobile device. It will automatically load a listing with all the available sports betting options at that moment, with the most popular choices appearing on the top. Players can click on each category to load the additional sports submenus containing the different existing divisions and varying odd types. The sports betting lines will be featured by default on the American Lines mode.

Each sporting event will feature the most up-to-date betting lines, joined by precise date and starting time details. Spread Lines are listed first, followed by Total Lines and Money Line prices. Click on the lines of your choice and start building your bet with your selections. The Sports Betting Platform allows you to make different types of bets with varying winning potential, these are:

  • Straight Bets: The most common and simplest type of bet in which the player chooses a team to win.
  • Parlays: Combination of straight bets with an increased payout.
  • If-Bets: Conditional bet placed upon the success of a previous bet.
  • Teasers: Combination of straight bets with an added point edge.
  • Round Robins: Single bet made of every possible parlay bet combination from a number of teams.
  • Reverse Bet: Combination of if bets playing in both directions.

The Sports Odds Menu showcases the best of the American and International sports market, with sections dedicated to:

  • NFL & American College Football Leagues
  • NBA & American College Basketball Leagues
  • MLB & other International Baseball Leagues
  • NHL & other International Hockey Leagues
  • MLS, Champions & Europa League, Latin American, Asian & other International Leagues
  • Boxing & Mixed Martial Arts
  • Tennis Grand Slams and other International Competitions
  • Golf, Rugby, among many others.

The standard juice prize for any regular bet at BETPHOENIX is 10 cents (0.10 of every dollar). Money Line prices will be also available for most sports categories and in major events. Players are strongly recommended to visit our Rules section to learn everything about BETPHOENIX' available bet types and betting odds.

Control Your Action!

Keep a close eye on the evolution of your plays with the fully updated wager reports. Check the performance of your active bets and completed bets from your home, office or holiday destination. Review your pending plays sheet to make sure your betslip fully corresponds with your wishes and regularly check your balance history to monitor your winnings and losses.

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BETPHOENIX' community of players is built from a multitude of nationalities on both sides of the Pacific ocean, with different transactional needs and betting tastes. We've made sure to provide our users with the safest, speediest and most convenient payment options at our disposal: Request a Direct Money Transfer to collect you winnings at a nearby cash box destination, replenish your online payment processor account or have your funds sent directly to your bank account or BitCoin crypto-currency wallet. Check out our Banking section and explore the different payment alternatives available to BETPHOENIX members.

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Take one of BETPHOENIX' juicy deposit rewards and see your bankroll grow in an instant. Use your additional Free Play funds to bet on most sporting disciplines and important seasonal events.

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