Betting on sports is one way to make the experience more personal and exciting. Predicting correctly what will happen is both encouraging to you as a sports enthusiast and your pocket book for extra income. One of the most popular sports to bet on is the NBA because of the close matches and intense battles every night. Any team can potentially win which makes it exciting for spectators and gamblers. Basketball betting lines present betters with some of the most potentially rewarding odds out of any sport.

Enjoy the Best Lines on your Favorite Hoops Game

There's a variety of ways to gamble on basketball. Because all teams in the league are of different calibers. NBA basketball betting presents several potential ways to gamble with money. The most basic is the NBA betting line. Usually, one team is favored to win. Things that factor into which team is favored include home field advantage, winning record at home, winning record away, injuries, etc. The NBA lines for the expected winner will yield a much lower sum than for those of the underdog. The next way to bet is on a point deferential. The spread is the number of points a team has to cover in order to win a bet. For example, if the Los Angeles Lakers were to play the Washington Wizards, LA would most likely be the favored team. If, by the Lakers, was the symbol -10, the Lakers would have to win by at least 10 for a person to win their money. If the outcome of the contest was exactly 10 points (For example: LA 100- WSH 90), it would be a push the gambler would get their money back. Another way to bet is on the total points scored. This is rather straight forward. Will the total points from both teams be higher or lower than the number posted? If the total points were 195.5, the over better would need at least 196 cumulative points to win their bet.

A parlay is a combination of bets, all of which must occur in order for a person to be paid. An example of an NBA betting parlay may mean a choice of both the winner and the match and the point deferential. Let us look again at the example of the Lakers playing the Wizards. Let us say the Lakers are favored -10 and the expected cumulative total is 199.5. If you wanted to parlay a bet, you might choose a parlay that the Lakers will win by more than 10 and the total will be less than 199.5. Parlays pay more than any single bet because the all things in the parlay must occur to win.

Interpreting the betting line can be difficult at first but is not hard to master. It is imperative that a person understands what the betting lines mean before committing any money. A plus and minus system is used to determine NBA betting odds. If, by a team, there was a symbol (-115), this would indicate that in order to win $100, a person would need to gamble $115. Negative signs always indicate a less than even payout. Conversely, + signs indicate the underdog. If, by a team, you saw +130, this would mean a bet of $100 would yield $130 on a win. Spread points will always give a closer to even odd than a money line bet for the favored team.

Basketball Betting at BetPhoenix

Basketball betting has a lot of potential to make gamblers a lot of money. It is important to follow the league to make informed decision before placing a NBA bet. Doing so will allow gamblers to take advantage of odds that may favor their bets, even in an underdog situation. Betphoenix Sportsbook offers gamblers wonderful incentives for NBA betting. It is a premiere online casino that gives users great perquisites for using their service with very favorable odds. It is a great place to begin gambling on the NBA if you feel ready to try your luck and knowledge of the sport that has a lot of potential to be very rewarding in the future.