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It is a well-disguised situation, but the plain truth is that the National Football League's popularity has everything to do with the fact that it is incredibly fun to wager on. Even if you only have a few dollars wagered on the outcome of a professional game, betting on football ratchets up the energy and excitement level to heights unimaginable by those that do not partake.

For much of the 20th century, gamblers had two options of wagering on NFL football; betting on the point spread or on the over/under total. Well-informed experts have long determined numbers that are typically released five or six days before a game, and the betting public then has a choice of which side to take. Folks that are feeling especially lucky often put money down on a parlay bet, which requires that two or more bets all win and rewards the risk with a much larger payout that a straight bet.

Fortunately for the more adventurous types of gamblers, the age of the internet ushered in a bevy of side bets and proposition bets that are now just a click away. Online football betting has become the method of choice for the vast majority of the world's recreational gamblers, and NFL spreads are typically what they are seeking. takes great measures to insure that we offer the best possible NFL betting lines you can find. In a world where 80% of the betting public goes with one side, small-time bookmakers and sportsbooks often sway their lines drastically in the hour or two leading up to kickoff in an attempt to make gamblers second guess themselves or settle for a spread that they were initially hoping would be much more favorable. You will never get pinched out of getting the right spread or number when you do business with us.

People often spend a substantial chunk of time gathering information and researching the teams and players involved in the game that they plan on wagering on, but we have already completed the time-consuming and cumbersome process of compiling all of the stats and information that you could possibly need. We are not interested in fleecing our customers for their hard-earned money but rather providing them with a bevy of free services and a comfortable and safe online wagering experience.

Pro Football Betting Bonuses

At BetPhoenix, our NFL bonuses are amongst the most generous and easy-to-use in the entire business, and serve as an excellent source of cash that can be utilized to get used to our formats and bevy of betting options before you actually have to risk any of your own money. We know that giving people the best bang for their buck is what keeps them coming back, and we know how much every player welcomes and appreciates free money. For those that are not entirely familiar with NFL betting strategies and the incredible selection of wagers that become available leading up the Super Bowl, we have many pages that provide free and easy-to-understand information.