2021 Saratoga Race Track Betting Odds

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You can bet on many different horse racing tracks at the BetPhoenix sportsbook online including Saratoga. Let’s consider Saratoga horse racing betting.

Horse racing betting is exciting, quick and it can pay off big. Horses can be bet to win, place, or show and in addition to those three main bets there are a number of exotic wagers and all of these options are available with Saratoga horse racing betting at BetPhoenix.

Win, place and show betting is easy enough to understand as you need your horse to finish first, second or third respectively. Other horse racing betting options are exactas, quinellas, trifectas, pick three’s, pick four’s, and pick sixes. The exacta is where you are picking the exact order of finish of the first two horses in a race. A quinella is similar, but you can have either of your two horses finish first or second for you to win your wager. A trifecta is betting the exact order of the first three horses in a race while a superfecta is picking the exact order of the first four horses in a race. A pick three is where you are picking the winner of three consecutive races while a pick four is four straight races and the pick six is picking the winners of six straight races.

When it comes to betting exotic tickets it is really difficult to win without including a lot of horses. When you include multiple horses in a ticket it is called boxing horses. For example, let’s say you like three horses really strong in a race. You could box those three horses. If any of those horses finish first or second you would win an exacta box, first second and third, a trifecta box, etc. You have to box horses in the big ticket options as well. If you are playing a pick three, pick four or pick six you need to box horses, or key a horse with other horses to have a good chance. Keying a horse is taking one horse in a particular place with a number of other horses.

Big Races

Some of the big Grade 1 races in Saratoga horse racing betting include the Travers Stakes, the Go For Wand Handicap and the Woodward Stakes.

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2021 Saratoga Race Track Betting Odds

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