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Major League Baseball has a season that runs from April through late October with each team playing 162 games and an expanded playoff format.  Baseball is therefore a sport with nearly endless possibilities for handicappers and gamblers.

Bases Loaded With Options

There are many ways to play the MLB odds starting with futures wagering as you can lay odds on teams to win the World Series, league, or division championships.  You can also wager on over / under totals for wins in a season.

Game wagering includes odds on each team in their respective matchups, along with run-lines in which you can lay or take a run and a half with a different price than the pure money line.  You can also wager on overs / unders for each game.

There are plenty of great proposition bets for baseball ranging from individual home runs, strikeouts, wins, saves, and many other exciting options that add to the entertainment value of baseball betting.

More Factors Than Ever To Consider

With additional playoff teams and more parity in the sport, there has never been a better or more challenging time to play the MLB odds.

Although the NFL is known for its parity, baseball has had quite a renewal as far as different teams winning the championship and making the playoffs each year.  The new revenue sharing system has evened the playing field and the odds board at BetPhoenix Sportsbook.

Pitching has always been of paramount importance in baseball and that has only become more pronounced as teams will go deep into their bullpens; each game making relief pitching knowledge every bit as important as expertise on starting pitching.

The rise of the Oakland A’s last year demonstrates that the marathon season of baseball makes for many big payoff opportunities for those looking for bargains.

BetPhoenix Sportsbook is the place to be for the best in Major League Baseball wagering action!

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