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The NCAA college basketball national championship tournament that takes place in the month of March each year is comprised of 68 teams in 4 different brackets featuring regions in which champions are to be crowned. The names of these regions change somewhat each year and are usually along the lines of “Southeast” or “Southwest” or “East” or “Midwest.” The champions of each region then move on to the Final Four. BetPhoenix Sportsbook is your best bet for March Madness wagering action and slam dunk bonus offers. Open your account today and get yours!

Bracket Busters

March Madness is among the biggest betting events of the year in all of sports and one of the great features of it is March Madness Bracket Betting as gamblers can pick the winning teams in each bracket game by game or the final overall champion as well. One of the dynamics that goes into the bracket betting is ‘Bracket Busters’ which are underdog teams that pull off stunning upsets and blow up the projected brackets of gamblers that had the big favorites picked to advance. In recent years teams such as Gonzaga, Butler, and Virginia Commonwealth have been well known ‘Bracket Busters.’

Endless Possibilities

One of the great appeals of March Madness Bracket Betting is that there are virtually endless combinations and possibilities. That has a lot to do with 68 teams being in the tournament and all of the wagering options that come with that including action on Pointspread sides, money lines, halves, props, futures, and more!

The first weekend of March Madness is so popular that it is second only to the Super Bowl for hotel bookings in Las Vegas. March Madness has become an American cultural icon just like the Super Bowl and this has caused for a dramatic increase in traffic at BetPhoenix which only figures to continue in 2014.

Bracket Betting is part of the fun, excitement, and variety of March Madness and an event that is a must on the gaming calendar each year!


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