Super Bowl

When it comes to sports betting there is nothing that compares to Super Bowl. More people love betting on the Super Bowl than any other sporting event.

Vince Lombardi Trophy

More than One Way to Play

There are numerous ways to make Super Bowl picks with BetPhoenix beyond merely picking the winning team although that is the best way to get started.

You can either bet on a team with the point spread or the money line, and you can even bet on halves where it is conceivable you can take one team in the first half and the other team in the second half! Over unders are another big feature of Super Bowl betting but perhaps the most talked about feature of Super Bowl wagering are the proposition bets.

“Prop” betting starts with odds on the opening coin toss and then moving on to betting on such items as which team and player will score first, which quarterback will throw for the most yards, which defender will have the most sacks or tackles, and on down the line. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

New Factors

The last two Super Bowls show just how even the National Football League has become as the post season now resembles college basketball’s “March Madness” with plenty of upsets and surprise finishes.  The past two seasons the Green Bay Packers and New York Giants won the Super Bowl despite being big underdogs with those making Super Bowl Picks.

The great irony of last year is that the Green Bay Packers were upset by the Giants as the number one seed in a moment of karma and irony as the year before when Green Bay was the champion, they were the final seed in the NFC and had to win three road games against division champions to reach the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

NFL Annual Championship Game

Every year the biggest game of the season for gamblers and for our sportsbook is the Super Bowl. People will make wagers including the side, total, money lines, halftime, props, etc. Not to be forgotten though, when talking about football lines also offers Super Bowl futures. Long before the regular season even begins, Super Bowl odds to win are on the board as odds are offered on every team to win next year’s big game.

How the Line is Made

How are the Super Bowl odds on the two teams made at BetPhoenix Sportsbook? We know that the oddsmakers look at power ratings and statistics but there is something else to consider as well and that is public perception. Unlike other games during the regular season, the Vince Lombardi Trophy has specific factors that make it a little different. The oddsmakers know that the public is almost always going to bet the favorite and the game over the total. That means the favored team is going to be laying more points than normal, and the total on the game might be two or three points higher than a regular season game.

Neutral Site

The Super Bowl is played at various sites around the country with Florida and California getting the bulk of the games because they are warm weather sites. You will also see games in domes as well like Indianapolis, New Orleans, etc.  There is almost never a home field advantage when it comes to Super Bowl lines.