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2023 NCAA College Basketball Betting Odds

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NCAA College Basketball Betting Odds and Live Lines

Nothing brings as much excitement as college basketball, except for college basketball betting! The NCAA is crazy action, incredible competition from basketball's next big thing.

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* NCAA College basketball odds are posted before the start of the season

NCAA College Basketball Betting Lines Explained 

While there are many ways to bet on college basketball, you should get familiar with some of the most common ones. 

Point Spread 

NCAA College basketball point spread betting is probably the most popular way of taking action on games. 

With point spreads, one team will have a negative point spread value (e.g.-12.5) which means they are considered the favorites to win. A positive value (+12.5) then, shows the underdog. 

When you bet on a favorite, it means that team has to win by at least the number of points shown in the spread for you to win the bet. 

When you bet on a dog, as long as the team doesn't lose by more than the number of points in the spread, or if they win, you would win the bet. 


NCAA College basketball money lines are also popular because they're straightforward. you're betting on a team to win. And you only win your bet if the team wins. 

Since there are no spreads to change the risk though, you'll need to risk more when you pick a favorite, which is shown by a negative number such as -300. The underdogs are shown by a positive number such as +240. 

In moneyline betting, if you're picking a -120 favorite then you would risk $120 to win $100 (or $12 to win $10). If you're picking a dog, then a +120 money line would turn into a $120 profit on a $100 be if your team wins the game straight up. 

NCAA Basketball Over Under Betting 

When you're betting Over Under in the NCAA, you're picking how many points you think will add up to the final score's tally and whether it will be Over or Under. I

NCAA Basketball Futures 

Which team do you think will cut down the nets at the end of March Madness? With NCAA futures, you're betting on how a team will fare in the season with the number of wins they gain or if they win the national championship for example. 

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