NFL Betting Lines & Odds

More people bet on NFL football lines than any other type of sporting event. Let’s take a look at some of the options for wagering on the National Football League current season.

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Easy to Bet

NFL football lines are easy to understand. You have a wide varitey of betting options: from the point spread and totals, to moneylines and half-time wagers. What makes NFL gambling so great, is that the league is very competitive. The players are well known and the games are great!  Placing wagers at BetPhoenix is very easy to do as you just click and place your bet. The betting menu is simple and easy to navigate, and the software is quick and reliable.

Let’s take a look at some examples of NFL lines.

  • Washington Redskins +3
  • Dallas Cowboys -3
  • Over/Under 43

In this situation the Cowboys are laying 3 points while the Redskins are getting three points. You could choose to wager on either of the two teams or you can bet on the total going over or under 43 points. The moneyline on this game would likely have Dallas at about -160 with Washington at +140.  With the moneyline there is no point spread involved.

But that's not all.  In pro football there are other betting options available that include quarters, props, futures, alternative lines, and sometimes even live betting.  You might want to bet on a team for the first quarter or you might want to bet some of the props on individual players. Even in the off-season you can bet on NFL futures which include odds on teams to win the Super Bowl. NFL betting begins with the preseason and continues through the regular season and playoffs, culminating with the Super Bowl.

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