• 4 Reasons To Bet On The Atlanta Falcons To Win Super Bowl 51

    4 Reasons To Bet On The Atlanta Falcons To Win Super Bowl 51

    The Wild Card weekend is over which only means that things will heat up faster than Gordon Ramsay in Hell’s Kitchen for those teams in the 2016 NFL Divisional Round.

  • Super Bowl 51 Odds & Betting Tips

    Super Bowl 51 Odds & Betting Tips

    The NFL playoffs are here. After a grueling five-month regular season, the post season schedule and Wild Card weekend odds are out.

  • Wild Card Weekend Underdog Moneyline Picks

    One might argue that teams competing for one of the NFL wild cards don’t really have a shot of making it all the way to the Super Bowl. However, because of how the teams playing this weekend found themselves in this position anything could happen.

  • Wild Card Weekend Lock Picks

    Are you ready for the NFL Wild Card Weekend? I’ve got my picks lined up for the AFC and NFC Wild Card Playoff and let me assure you you’d be a fool not to pick them up right now!

  • Wild Card Weekend Parlay Picks

    I’ll bet that while you’re still getting over 2016, your New Year’s resolutions probably include much more money in your pockets. Well, what do you say about kicking off 2017 with some red-hot Wild Card Weekend parlay picks that are bound to get you smiling right from the get-go?

  • NFL Playoff Picture

    Only two spots remain in the 2106 NFL Playoffs just one week away from the regular season ending. 10 of the 12 berths for the post season have already been secured and only four teams remain in the hunt for the two remaining tickets.

  • Week 17 NFL Parlay Picks

    Week 17 NFL Parlay Picks

    Before you think of making your picks in the midst of the new year’s stupor, let me suggest my Week 17 NFL parlay picks. With sixteen games on the slate a buck gets ten that these picks will have you celebrating even more. Have yourself a happy New Year!

  • Week 17 NFL Betting Cheat Sheet

    Week 17 NFL Betting Cheat Sheet

    Well, it’s finally here; it’s the end of the NFL regular season and then onward to the playoffs. By this time most teams have already secured their spot in the postseason, but even so there’s still alot of money to be made if you can find the right bet.

  • Best NFL Underdog Picks For Week 16

    Best NFL Underdog Picks For Week 16

    Everyone and their uncle usually bets on the favorites. It’s the easy way to go; but, what about them dogs? Would it surprise you that it might be a much better wager? The proof is in the pudding, that’s why I’ve got the best NFL underdog bets for Week 15. Grab them below!

  • What Games To Bet On For NFL Week 16

    What Games To Bet On For NFL Week 16

    We’re just an earshot away from the NFL playoffs, starting Week 16 and only a couple of games remaining for every team. Only four teams have already qualified, the rest are still in the hunt which makes every game left count.


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